u* continuity #3

spasms of unity

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we will let them
taste the sauce. and it's
something that we won't work if
they don't have our algorithms
we have the recipe and it
won't work without it
adam sugano / statistics faculty ucla
nyt 7.8.09 "turning the trainer's table into an actuarial table"

the element that ties all
my work together is sensoriality
everything that's related to the senses
the memphis group started as an experiment with friends
we were drinking a lot and having a good time, and wanted to see
how we could communicate what we were feeling
ettore sottsas
nyt mag 3q07 "out of the fire"

the most vivid thought
is still inferior to
the dullest
hume 1711-1776
. .


high spirits abundant, vulgar effects few, accruing merit
plain clothing warm, vegetable roots aromatic, reading books
the sound lingers long

zhang tingji 1839
unstrained readiness posture
increased strategic depth
bluntly meretricious


. .

the psychedelic 60s
this little parenthesis of light
might close after all, and all be lost
taken back into darkness. everything in this
dream of pre-revolution was in fact doomed to end
the faithless money-driven world reasserting
its control over all the lives it felt entitled
to touch fondle and molest
thomas pynchon / "inherent vice"

music is
the instrument
we use to achieve
that human connection
to get in sync w each other
it's like fishing. i throw out
a text and everyone bites
roberto ferreira
nyt 7.5.09 "in the park, tempo alfresco after midnight"

we want to be
our own blue note
our objective is to
be a place of connection
for people of all races
roberto ayala / principla fonda baricua lounge
nyt 7.24.09 "ny rhythm: viva variedad"

people in
the real world
in a different way
the real world
is way too
for many
daneil sanchez-crespo / proj leader novarama, barcelona
nyt 7.12.09 "kicking reality up a notch"

of culture
and sold
artistic products
whether dramas, drawings
or volumes of poetry
and with the same gesture advanced
the aesthetic cultivation of the
buying public
peter gay / modernism: the lure of heresy
from baudelaire to beckett and beyond
, 2007

night life
in the city feels
tired. it feels like it's
chasing itself to
stay alive
mark caldwell / "new york night: the mystique and its history"
nyt 7.12.09 "drink, dance, but don't say 'club'

rivers' '08 passer rating
. . .
312 / 478 = 65.3% comp / attempt
4009 / 478 = 8.4 yds / att
34 / 478 = 7.1% tds / att
11 / 478 = 2.3% ints / att
. .
(65.3 - 30) x 0.05 = 1.76 .. . comp %
(8.4 - 3) x 0.25 = 1.4 .. . yds / att
7.1 x 0.2 = 1.4 .. . td %
2.3 x 0.25 = 1.8 .. . int %
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
6.3 / 6 x 100 = 105.5
sdt 12.2.09 "numbers game"


vs. ethanol's ~27, & li batteries ~0.5, we may
skip oil in ic engines to wheel about
but you can't even eat a salad
w/o a lipid:

. . .
flower coconut oil $30.4/gal
ottogi sesame oil $35.70/gal
sadaf ex.v. 1cp olive oil $38/gal
spitiko ex.v. olive oil $45.60/gal
al bakri sesame oil $49.4/gal
hathi almond oil $51.60/gal
coricelli organic ex.v. olive oil $60.00/gal
marmarabirlik ex.v. olive oil $83.60/gal

cebiche de atun
. .
2lb fresh tuna
juice of 6 lemons
juice of 6 limes
2tb fresh ginger, grated
2 jalapeno or serranos
6 scallions, thinly sliced
1 red bell pepper, finely diced
3tb olive oil
1/2c minced cilantro
- wipe tuna w damp cloth. cut into 1/4 inch cubes. skin and debone
- combine lemon and lime juices, ginger, peppers, scallions, salt, and tuna
- marinate, covered, refrigerated, 2hr
- toss diced red pepper with olive oil and add to marindated tuna
- before serving, correct seasoning with salt and toss in cilantro

a word about lemons
in south america, the big fleshy
yellow lemon that is common in north america
is quite a novely and is thought of as a sweet lemon
what we call limon is more like the north american lime although
much jucier by far. for the preparation of ceviche, either lemon or lime
or a combination of the two, will do. to my palate, lime has a stronger
more perfumed flavor. because of its more intense acidity, it also
cooks fish faster. so combined the two to bring together
the mild bouquet of the lemon and the strong
character of the lime
felipe rojas lombardi
"art of south american cooking"

we have no bankers backing us. we dont
use pr. mostly models are cheesy they
show up with tacky men who think
they are the kings of the world
because they have a driver
and expensive clothes
a bum is more likely
go get into one
of my places
andre saraiva
nyt 4.22.07 "the life of the afterparty"


the face of the city
it's not downtown with skyscrapers
and steakhouses
it's the graffiti and the music and
what people are wearing
and the noise in the street
i don't want to water that down
justin fornal / star of bronx flavor show
nyt 7.22.09 "a bronx star without pinstripes"

i would love
to say that these
are totally wild orgiastic
events but they're not
people come in groups
eat a meal together
and catch up
greg bresnit dj
nyt 7.10.09 "dance floors for people with day jobs

it's the job
of the host
to educate
guests about
attire, start time
and now when it
comes to social media
it's also the responsibility of
the host to share how you want
your guests to act at your party
celia chen / founer: notes on a party
nyt 8.9.09 "party on, but no tweets"

he said: i know exactly where you are
you're in the middle of nowhere and
that's what we're looking for
kyra bishop / principal town house
nyt 6.17.09 "making a bid for date night in chilhowie

amazon has changed
the function of a bookstore
they have always been
meeting places
author events help
to differentiate
nat herold / principal: amherst books
nyt 11.16.07 "in the valley of the literate"

the bottom line is
that it's all about demand
it's going to be a long and bumpy
road not a smooth straight line. if you
reduce volumes, you can actually increase volatility
michael wittner / dir global oil rsch societe generale
nyt 7.10.09 "weakening oil prices reflect dimming hopes of quick recovery"

we're recreating an ephemeral experience
that extraordinary richness that was such an important part of the history of the day
thomas campbell / european scupture + decorative arts curator met
nyt 10.11.07 "splendid threads off the walls of monarchs"

as a member of the audience i
don't like it that i can't see what's
going on in the eyes and in the face
and in the most subtle responses of a
performer when i'm more than a few rows
back. i find it frustrating. i love to see work
on a screen. i like it that the camera is so
penetrating. as much as it is unmerciful
i like that about it. in the theater you
might be tempted to represent
rather than to be
daniel day lewis
wsj 1.23.08 "sojourner in other men's souls"

if you can connect
all the dots
and where
you want to go
then it's probably
not ambitious enough
on the other hand if people
look at it and say there is no way
that's going to happen, then it's probably
a little too much. so it's a balance
shantanu narayen / ceo adobe
nyt 7.19.09 "connecting the dots isn't enough"

even now
it would be great
to get a company to cut you
a check for half a million dollars
but you're lucky if they cut you
a check for a tenth of that
alexander kane / principal jelly
nyt 7.3.09 "keep the music, add the views"

you can't launch a viral campaign in the u.s.
and expect it to stay domestic
it is going to go global
eric kintz / web marketing + software vp: h-p
wsj 10.9.07 "targeting consumers with a high-tech approach"


it's not so much about the venue for me
as long as the venue facilitates a
good connection between the
crowd and the music. but
i look forward to
better scenery
john kadlecik / dark star orch
nyt 7.3.09 "keep the music, add the views"

i never want to be downtown
it's too commercial
i want to do a personal resturant
i know im not making as much
i can attend to detail without crowds pouring in
it's nicer to have full control
the success is a balance
between the rational and irrational
the creative artistic dimension
and the efficiency dimension
if you miss one
you're going to fail
there's good evidence
that $ doesn't matter much
for how you feel moment to moment
what seems to matter much more is having
good friends and time to spend on social activities
a krueger / econ faculty princeton
nyt 10.19.08 "the down time upside"

we didn't foresee
where we are now when
we started on it. we had to
take a gut check: did all this change
our strategy? it did not, because we've never
been a company that plays a lot of defense
although the payoff may lag a little
longer than we thought. we are
doing things at a time
when our peers
are not
jeff hicks / ceo crispin porter
nyt 6.24.09 "madison avenue positions itself for a recovery"

it's not going to be
a light switch moment. it's
going to be an evolution
philippe p dauman / ceo viacom
nyt 6.24.09 "like newspapers, cable strives to tame the web, profitably"

finess and power. that's what you have here
opposites not often found in the same glass
gilbert mestrallet / sommerlier crocodile nyc
nyt 4.1.98 "eau de vie: fruit's essence captured in a bottle"

what's important in this business after distilling skills
is knowing the fruit. if you smell the alcohol, that's bad distilling
if lacking in complexity and aftertaste, that's inferior or unripe fruit
hubert lutt / export manager miclo distillery
nyt 4.1.98 "eau de vie: fruit's essence captured in a bottle"

the funny thing is
at the time my partners
at the restaurant were always
telling me i'm too serious. this is
what is so mind-blowing to me. i was always
too serious and too pure and didn't see the bigger
picture. i didn't understand that cooking and the restuarant
business were entertainment. i needed to take it easy
and do food that was simple and made people happy
rocco di spirito
nyt 12.17.098 "taking heat for not cooking

a great restaurant doens't distinguish itself
by how few mistakes it makes
but by how well
they handle those mistakes
danny meyer: chef + principal union sq cafe
nyt 4.1.9 "oops, misadventure at the table"

to take
anything away
from chefs
in edible paper
pea shoots and fennel pollen
but i think classic dishes
is what people
will grasp
bobby flay
some wines
want to be the bully
and others
just want to hang out
and play on the swings
stephen p mancini / wine and spirits dir union square cafe nyc
nyt 7.22.09 "summer's background music"

the times
is looking at
a lot of different
ideas for engaging
our audience to make
statements about what are
our strengths, what are the ways
we can delve further into our audience
and bring them products and services that
basically enhance the bond with the nytimes
thomas k carley / sr vp strategic planning times
nyt 8.14.09 "times company creating a wine club"

a pop-up wine bar
designed by stephanie goto
out of wine cartons, will be set up on
5 thu evenings on the 7th floor of the museum
of art and design, 2 columbus circle. the wines come
from crush wine & spirits and the light food will be supplied
by a different chef each week. the wine bar will be open
from 5 to 10:30 pm. museum admission on thur
is pay-what-you-wish; food and wine╩@bar
are $6 and up 212.299.7777
nyt 7.29.09
you've got to take wine
to the people
jabulani ntshangase / marketing dir spice route vine co
nyt 4.22.98 "a south african black, on a road never traveled"

there's╩no single
optimal temperature
for aging wines
i'd tell people
who don't
wine for
decades to
forget about cellar
temperatures. take those
big reds and put them on top
of the fridge, the most heat-abusive
place you can find, and in three
years they'll probably be
at their peak
andrew waterhouse / wine chemistry faculty uc davis
nyt 1.14.09 "for a tastier wine the next trick involves..."

the saharawis need
to express their ideas
from their point of view
not just from europeans
that come to see us. we
need the tools to break
out from under the
information embargo
and project our culture
and cause to the world
omar ahmed / producer sahara film festival
nyt 8.2.09 "a film festival with camels"
arts spending
is fantastic at creating
employment: for every $30k
spent on the arts, one more person
gets a job, compared with about $1m if
you're building a road or hospital. one painter
lived off the wpa's fed art proj for 8 years before
finally getting his first solo show in 1943
maybe a similar program today
could produce america's
next jackson pollock
felix salmon / finance blogger reuters
atlantic 7.2009 "pay the artists"

if you think
that in an artist's
practice he sometimes has
a couple of shows which really
mark significant moments, they are
temporary constellations. the works are
never going to be together again
and very often it's not only
about objects but about
site-specific inter
ventions. it's
about time
hans ulrich obrst
i worked for restaurants for years dealing with the public is a beast
you dont get to edit who comes in your space and
it becomes a sterile exchange of goods
i like knowing who is coming and
wheher they understand
what im doing
i dont want to boast
that i have an illegal business in my house
but this is how artists survive
lynette / mamasan's chamarron bistro, san francisco
nyt 3.12.03 "restaurants on the fringe, and thriving"

the golden era
of dining? i would say
it is probably busier now. but in terms
of atmosphere, mid to late 90s. it was pre-celeb culture
as we know it today with the weekley gossip press
cameras on mobile phones also had something
to do with it. when people came they
were not celebrity-hunting in
the same way. i detest
it now. celebrity
is fame w/o
kevin lansdown / scott's restaurant, london
i use top ingredients
other pizzerias
i don't think
they use
the top
domenico de marco / di fara's, bk
nyt 7.31.09 "the pizza now costs $5 a slice
many say it's worth every cent"

it's not like
the audience
for these movies
has completely
it's just a matter
of finding them
cynthia swartz / partner 42 west
nyt 8.13.09 "independent filmmakers distribute on their own"

last year
it took awhile to
ramp up. now this place
is packed
miguel leon / gang intervention worker
nyt 7.12.09 "lighting up tough parks' darkness"

is a funny term
since the business
is legal. what people
are referring to is allure
almost like an opium den
eric alperin / partner, varnish nyc
nyt 6.3.09 "bar? what bar?"

a speakeasy could be
a table and two chairs
or it could be '21'
most were
end. the secret
aspect in new york
was over by 1928 or 1929
to run a speakeasy you just bribed
the local cop. there was not a lot of secrecy
daniel okrent / "rise and fall of prohibition" 2009
you should feel
not only glad you've
come but that they're glad
you've come. if the host or hostess
isn't quite right, it won't come
off. it all comes down to
the proprietors
the good pub guide
people thought we were crazy
word of mouth has put wind
in the company's sails
osman rashid & jim safka / co-founder & ceo chegg
nyt 7.5.09 "we rent movies, so why not textbooks"

in business
it's not how many
ideas you have
what matters
is how many
ideas you translate
into products and services
herny chesbrough / esec dir ctr open innovation uc berkeley
nyt 6.19.09 "the crowd is wise (when it's focused)"

> statigrafix < complexity notes >
"umbrella terms"
an umbrella term
can confound dialogue
and argumentation by covering
disparate, often contradictory concepts
. .
3 examples:
quantum mechanics
refers to interacting but distinct
domains: q.m. theory of matter
and the much more difficult
quantum╩field theory
dealing with e.m.
force╩in all
its glory
. .
molecular gastronomy
is two unrelated processes:
synthesis of gimmicky meals @
el bulli and wd-50 on the one hand
and scientific analysis of culinary
techniques and╩ingredients╩by
harold mcgee, herve this
shirley corriher +c
the two facets
don't need
to join
. . .
refers to a moral compass
but also to an orthogonal
why mix
the 2?
. ..soon.. .
candidate terms
to a@u*
. .
of language is
philosophy's main
source of╩problems
that is why it is of the
utmost importance to
the very╩words
we use
giuseppe peano 1858-1932
. .

in ancient rivalry with fellow spheres
the sun still sings its song and
completes the journey it
has been assigned
you've got to sift
through a lot of dirt sometimes
we have wayvs of finding footage, and we
have techniques that we use
rory albanese / exec producer comedy central
nyt 7.19.09 "video file puts the teeth in sound bites"

it took 7 years
to identify, locate and
strike deals with 250+ separate
landowners who held title to the properties
the slow pace enabled us to settle on a development
strategy and a public-private financing plan
that enabled the street to develop
organically over time like
a real neighborhood
rick maron / founder mrn ltd
nyt 7.8.09 "an englave of entertainment in cleveland"

we want
you to spend with
small businesses. by doing so 80%
of the money goes directly
back to the community
khanh pham / cofounder shustir
nyt 6.4.09 "small businesses are taking
tentative steps toward
online networking"

we've basically gone
from a car-oriented city to
a human-oriented city
lee in-keun / seoul asst mayor for infrastructure
nyt 7.17.09 "cities peel back pavement to expose watery havens"

in 'ascent of money'
boldly subtitled 'a financial
history of the world' harvard history
professor niall ferguson makes many costume
changes, choosing, for instance, a loose-fitting
butter-cream blazer to amble around the jewish
quarter of venice and explain the evolution
of money lending. in santiago or new
orleans, he wears cotton shirts
of such low thread count
that they are vaguely
see through
nyt 7.8.09 "our current global economic crisis: the prequel"

you can
take that style
back to just a few
people, just a few artists
warhol really pioneered that
a pointy shoe with a slim jacket
i think what happens now is an
interpretation of that look
that's why you end up
with a shirt that
doesn't fit
carlo brandelli / creative dir kilgour

. .
you see
they're high
there's nothing
worse when you
see these jackets with
these lapels that go like this
you see? are low-riding. clinton
wears this kind of thing, have you seen?
looks like a restaurant owner - it's so vulgar
codi franchetti

one of the things
the marine corps teaches you
i to pay attention to detail and that your
appearance is important. it is in every business
people who pay attention to their
appearance do better
raymond w kelly / nyc police commissioner
nyt 8.31.09 "many splendid ties, but just one knot"

i'm a
blogger and
i probably will be
for the rest of my life
but i've also come to question
whether science communication via
internet will ever give us a 'cosmos'
something that unifies the american
public behind science
i dont know if it's possible
chris moony / "unscientific america"
we have a habit in writing articles
published in scientific journals
to make the work as finished
as possible, to cover up
all the tracks, to not
worry about blind
alleys or desc
ribe how you
had the
feynman, nobel lecture 1966

you can define
what it is or what it's not
you can defend it or offend it
you can say without its peripherals
it is nothing, or it is the only thing
and peripherals are nothing without it
you can put a question and make others
follow to your den, or you can lead
and provide your answer. you can
have phd and foul it and you
can be any thing and
still fout it
nethra sambamoorthi
linkedin business analytics grp 7.5.09
[msg subsequently deleted]


. .

we fume over
the mistreatment of
animals by agribusiness
but freak out at an uptick in
food prices. we lecture our kids on
social responsibility and then buy them
toys assembled by destitute child workers
on some far-flung foreign shore
ellen r shell / "cheap: the high cost of discount culture"

it is hardly parodic
to repeat that same exercise
in contrast, just because society
and the characters have aged
deborah a batts / usdc judge
nyt 7.2.09 "judge rules for salinger, barring u.s. publication
of a new book built on 'catcher'


since i had been following
the progress of apollo closely
the successful landing of apollo 11
came as no surprise. everything happened
just as i expected, except i had not expected that
the television camera would be the most important
part of the mission, the first item to be deployed
and the last to be abandoned. nasa planned
the apollo operation as an international
sporting event with the
whole world
an unfortunate
consequence: when
the russians walked out
of the game, we
walked out
freeman dyson
7.14.09 "on hand for space history, as superpowers spar"

you couldn't just run an ad
saying 'help wanted
experienced heat
shield expert'
the irreplaceable
team was breaking up
scattering in nobody knows
how many hopeless directions
tom wolfe
nyt 6.19.09 "one giant leap to nowhere"

we really are
more risk-averse now
than we used to be. our exp
of success coupled with the instant
access to information, the instant visibility
when things go wrong, demands that you fix things right
away. the information age has brought about the marketing of
a short-term world view in business and politics. we used to operate on a
much longer time span than we do now with modern communication, reporters
with paparazzi that gather at the least sign of sensation. tolerance for error
isn't there. people are too busy covering their backs. china is building
the world's biggest dam. they're doing monumental things. and yet
here we're focused on who's going to win
american idol
buzz aldrin
lemon 2q.2009

to realize the value of:
1 year > ask a student who failed a class
1 month > ask a mother with a premature baby
1 week > ask the editor of a weekly
1 day > ask the daily wage laborer
1 hour > ask the man waiting for his gf
1 minute > ask the person who just missed a flight
1 second > ask the person who survived an accident
1 ms > ask the athlete who won a silver medal
1 ns > ask a hardware engineer
jjy hsu / "nanocomputing" 2009

the timeline
of the collapse
of the soviet union
can be traced to 9.13.85
on this date, sheikh ahmed zaki
yamani, minister of oil of saudi arabia
declared that the monarchy had decided to alter
its oil policy radically. the saudis stopped
protecting oil prices, and saudi arabia
quickly regained its share in the
world market. during the next
6 months oil production
in s.a. increased 4x
while oil prices
collapsed by
about the
amount in
real terms. as
a result, the soviet
union lost approx $20b
per year, money without which
the country simply could not survive
yegor gaidar / frm dep prime minister russia
"collapse of an empire: lessons for modern russia" 2006

you know
i think wall street
seems to maybe have
a shorter memory about how
close we were to the abyss than
i would have expected
when i hear
of the
that's been creeping
up about, you know, "it's time
for government to get out of the economy"
and "what's the obama administration doing?"
i have to try to remind them: all we're
doing is cleaning up after
the mess
barak obama
bloomberg markets 8.2009

has taught
us that wall street
has no institutional memory
leon black / founder apollo management
nyt 11.18.07 "if buyout firms as so smart, why
are they so

what struck
most observers
and mystified them
was the eerie docility
of the american people
their stoic passivity as the
depression grindstone
rolled over them
david kennedy / history faculty stanford
nyt 4.5.09 "in america labor has an unusually long fuse"

the essential american soul
is hard, isolate, stoic
and a killer
dh lawrence / studies in classic american literature 1923

guys who really become famous
become quite robotic in their ways
everything is based on them achieving
being #1, trumping the next person that
they're competing with on some level
nyt 6.28.09 "afater a pause, music is set to play"

throughout the
court's history have
clung to their seats long after
their political patrons have retired
and long after their parties have yielded
to their opponents or even disappeared. they
have often perpetutated ideologies and
attitudes that are outdated or that
americans have repudiated at
the ballot box. too often
the supreme court has
seemed to be fighting
the progress of history
james m burns / "packing the court" 2009

. .


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