1.30.11 [sxx]

mirna: who'll win coin toss xlv?

sirna: shame if you think
it's anything other
than a 50/50 shot

mirna: nfc teams
have won the
last 13 and
lead by

sirna: moot
gambler's fallacy
tosses are independent

mirna: despite being independent
causally, there is that trend. considered
as evidence it will fool armax & garch type
time series curve fitting tools such as routinely
used on wall street and fed reserve researchers
such statistics will detect the ~2:1 as a bias
and the length-13 streak [p-value 2^-13]
as "significant" unless independence
is explicitly modeled, which is a
strange thing to say as it
really means there is
no structure to
model and
the evidence is
spurious - constellations

i see no greater impediment to scientific progress than the
prevailing practice of focusing all of our mathematical
resources on probabilistic and statistical inferences
while leaving causal considerations to
the mercy of intuition and
good judgment

judea pearl causality 2000

in the 1860s
a small group
of young english
intellectuals formed
what they called the x club
the mathematical symbol for the unknown
and the plan was to meet for dinner once a month and let
the conversation take them where chance would have it
the group included darwinian biologist thomas huxley
and the social philosopher herbert spencer. one evening
about 1870 they met for dinner at the athenaeum club
in london, and that evening included one exchange
that so struck those present that it was repeated
on several occasions. statistician francis galton
was not present at the dinner, but he heard
separate accounts from three men who
were and he recorded it in his own
memoirs. as galton reported it
during a pause in the conversation
spencer said "you would little think
of it but i once wrote a tragedy"
huxley answered promptly
"i know the catastrophe"
spencer declared
it was impossible for
he had never spoken about
it before then. huxley insisted
spencer asked what it was
huxley replied
"a beautiful theory
killed by a nasty, ugly little fact"
sm stigler "the epic story of
maximum likelyhood" stat sci 9.2007


who'll win coin toss xlv ["m+s-->garden of relations"]:: : sampling theory factors into an inductive phase followed by a deductive one. induction is the arrow from the specific-->general. deduction is the opposite arrow from the general-->specific. in the deductive phase eg compute tail area from a known distribution as per kolmogorov's equivalence of probability as finite normalized measure + algebra of events. note that even in this "forward phase" curses of dimensionality can strike soon, testified by the pages of mathematica output necessary to compute the expected area of a random triangle in a unit square. the inductive phase in general is a hard inverse problem: compute a parent distribution from finite empirical data. there is no single natural way to do this so assumptions are introduced to smooth things or normalize things. but when you assume you make an ass of u + me. which assumptions? how do they interact? how are they related to the real process being studied? eg what do "parameter" and akaike information mean if sin(ax) with a single parameter a has infinite classification capacity? from a bayesian perspective, such assumptions are determined a-priori, for example, whether the query should be battered wives vs battered wives who were actually murdered in the derschowitz conditional confusion problem --> *. nature is quite netural on such choices. another example is the structure of the acyclic graphs that represent pearl's causal dependence, must be provided or range over some postulated variety of these. i'd love to know which aspects efron would call direct evidence vs indirect. also unclear is where vapnik's transducive learning approach, whose objective is to proceed specific-->specific presumably w/o an inductive step. perhaps this is the netflix rec engine @work, no rules, just predictions. not true for any specific reason ["strogatz"] --> * .. . afc have won tosses ii iii vi vii viii ix xi xii xvii xviii xxi xxiv xxv xxvii xxxi. for a list of "garch" co-variations --> *


solar : $/kwh :: ferrari --> grocery
a lot of this so called cleantech
is reality di$tortion fields
. ..scent by elon musk


vapor trails ["the science---practice scism"]:: : graphic: estimated 2016 levelized cost of new electricity sources incorporating total expenses over operating life of plant, in 2008 $/mwh. src: wsj + doe // the technology producing these resources has absolutely made the difference. it's the same with the arctic, with the shale oil, all over the world. technology is the key -- marvin odum president shell oil nyt 11.17.10 "there will be fuel"

In a flat world where everyone has access to everything, values matter more than ever
Right now the Hindus and Confucians have more Protestant ethics
than we do and as long as that is the case we'll be No. 11!
-- thomas friedman nyt 9.11.10 "we're no. 1(1)!"

if i go to los angeles for 10 days, i am on a golf course for 8 days
-- zhao feng chief engr hunan sunzone optoelectronics
nyt 9.9.10 "china's subsidies for clean energy
push limits of trade rules"

And ... I don't buy "rice burners" nor - knowingly -
anything else Japanese if
I can avoid it
-- shabon 2010


rice burners ["menopause of empire"]:: :

brazil + russia + india + china
where the population growth is
where the raw materials are
where economic growth is
--michael penn
baml global eqt strategist
wsj 10.1.10


brics, pigs & hiics ["menopause of empire"]:: : investors have a telling new acronym to describe shifting global economic fortunes. joining the "pigs" are the "hiics": u.s., europe, u.k. and japan, aka "heavily indebted industrialized countries" developed markets are basically behaving like emerging ones -- richard yetsenga hsbc currency strategist wsj 10.1.10 "hiic nations are acting like backwaters" pigs = portugal + ireland and italy + greece + spain;


whats up w dunst ["calibash" ]:: : what's up w dunst? here 1day gone the next. across town, fablallah dines on orange rinds & tomato paste.. . hwd star syt3mz. // / what is the key distinction b/w the biz sense of socal vs norcal? in the north, venturing and failing is considered a badge of honor, enterpreneurial spirit. in the south, 2 sht box office receipts in a row, off the marquee. part & parcel of the so-called socal surfass syndrome. I'll pass on the Kirsten Dunst party. She's ugly -- dartley, 2006

doesn't 99% of anything
what is the limiting meaning
soul's end from funk beginning
funk's end 2disco's beginning
syncopation2 4on the floor
$100 4these 4 matrix #s


glitterball codec ["banks of 4"]:: : contest expires @some pt, whereupon answers are revealed. may even swap 1 or 2 if warranted, just get /any/ of 4 presented.

the horse
who guards
the southwest
corner of pf chang
@"fashion valley" had
been misaligned from get go
thus dartley's insertion west had
had 2wait. 4get waikiki. these guys
just couldn't get their sht straight
some had already written off
dragon shirts as hacks. key
technicians had by then
left. if not syphoned
off by the asz, then
who knows what
really it was the
opening of bing
crosby piano bar
across the lane that
furnished the critical path
then a single question animates
this report: can we ever expect to
understand clues we have, and work to do
to make headway on that issue. surely someday, we
can believe, we will grasp the central idea of it all
as so simple, that we will say "oh, how could it
have been otherwise. how could we all
have been so blind so long"
-- harrald k ev3y
commentaries xvi


horse-->dome axis alignment ["calibash" "undisneyfy the land" "op django"]:: : *

there is maze
you have to go through
then a minefield, then an
obstacle course. you
become an athlete
econ 10.9.10

an arizona power commissioner has dared los
angeles officials to turn off the electricity they get from
arizona if they are serious about boycotting the state over its
crackdown on illegal immigration. in a letter to mayor antonio
villaraigosa, az corp comm gary pierce noted that los angeles received
25% of its electricity from arizona and challenged the mayor to cut
off that supply. "if an economic boycott is truly what you desire
i will be happy to encourage arizona utilities to renegotiate
your power agreements," mr pierce said in the letter
the mayor issued a statement in which he
declined to take up the challenge
directly nyt 5.20.10 "az:
mayor is dared to
cut power"


there is maze ["calibash"]:: : California's government is a pretty weak one, a mess of competing districts, counties, cities; with much of the budget mandated by ballot initiatives. The cyborg-ex-machina expected to change the world's least governable big economy was soon in a slow slugfest which foes excelled at. --econ 10.9.10 "rage against the machine" // Listen up, California. The other 48 states - your cousin New York excluded - are sick of your bratty arrogance. You're the Lindsay Lohan of states: a prima donna who once showed some talent but is now too wasted to do anything with it. After enjoying ephemeral highs and spending binges, you suffer crashes that culminate in brief, unsuccessful stints in rehab. This cycle repeats itself every five to 10 years, as the rest of the country looks on with a mixture of horror and amusement. We'd feel sorry for you if you didn't constantly flip us the bird. Instead, we're making bets on how long it will be before your next meltdown. Oh, wait - you're already melting down. You've racked up nearly $70 billion in general obligation debt, and that doesn't include your $500 billion unfunded pension liability. Your own analysts predict you'll face a hole of at least $80 billion over the next four years. Your government's run by a brothel of environmentalists, lawyers, public-sector unions and legislative bums. When they're not taxing or spending, they're creating regulations and commissions like the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology and the California Blueberry Commission. -- allysia finley wsj 11.8.10 "california: the lindsay lohan of states" // As Joel Kotkin of Chapman University has pointed out, the interests of the affluent class along the coasts began to crowd out the interests of the middle-class suburbanites and agricultural workers further inland. "The result," he writes, "is two separate California realities: a lucrative one for the wealthy and for government workers, who are largely insulated from economic decline; and a grim one for the private-sector middle and working classes, who are fleeing the state." -- david brooks nyt 9.27.10 "tom joad gave up"


golden ellipse ["golden processes"]:: : a unit golden ellipse is constructed via 2 golden rhombuses; each rhombus is comprised of 4 golden triangles whose right legs are in golden proportion; foci of golden ellipse = 1 and -1; eccentricity = 1/tau; a string pinned at an ellipse's foci and stretched by a pencil would trace it out: the sum of the 2 string components is constant; ellipses generalize circles by this symmetry breaking operation from a single radius to the two segments thus related. // more general and far-reaching geometric and algebraic consequences of golden-ratio have recently been obtained

10.3.10 sxx


collatz & foundations ["sxx"]:: : When the collatz problem was introduced at schools like U Chicago, it captured the imagination of students for a month then it is given up. however it's still unsolved: Is the 3x+1 problem intractably hard? The difficulty of settling the problem seems connected to the fact that it is a deterministic process that simulates "random" behavior. We face this dilemma: on the one hand, to the extent that the problem has structure, we can analyze it - yet it is precisely this structure that seems to prevent us from proving that it behaves "randomly." on the other hand, to the extent that the problem is structureless and "random," we have nothing to analyze and consequently cannot rigorously prove anything. Of course there remains the possibility that someone will find some hidden regularity in 3x+1 that allows some of the conjectures about it to be settled. The existing general methods in number theory and ergodic theory do not seem to touch the 3x+1 problem; in this sense it seems intractable at present. Indeed all the conjectures made in this paper seem currently to be out of reach if they are true; I think there is more chance of disproving those that are false --lagarias "the 3x+1 problem and its generalizations" am math mon 1985 Currently, there's an ongoing search - similar to scanning the sky for aliens - for the [smallest] natural number that does not eventually fall back to the suspected unique cycle 1-->4-->2-->1. The smallest ~10^18 natural numbers have been shown to reach it - ie, to be in the cycle's basin of attraction. A number of deep questions appear connected with this search. The conjecture may eventually be proven or falsified or proven undecidable - Conway has already proven undecidability of a generalized version of the dynamics: "nx+m," but that doesn't imply that 3x+1 is undecidable. .. . Regardless, I claim the study of 3x+1 focuses attention on relations to other branches: number theory, automata, semigroups, topological dynamics, measure theory, but also foundational links to logic and set theory, toposes, orders, universal algebra and coalgebra, the linearity---nonlinearity duality, induction, theoretical computer science: the generator of the dynamics is defined by an if-then-else conditional. consider, Lawvere & Rosebrugh's warning that in categories of cohesive spaces, Axiom of Choice is typically not true. If in the set theory used to model 3x+1 AC is replaced with Axiom of Determinacy [= the Banach Mazur game] then there are no free [=non-principal] ultrafilters on the naturals and so a large chunk of results that assume such nontrivial filters goes out the window. I believe there has been scant progress on 3x+1 due to medieval methods. We have today sharper scalpels. Whether Collatz can be excised leaving foundations intact remains to be seen. Characterizing the basin of attraction, and then bifurcations is only part of the issue. Why is such a simple problem - which can be taught to a child - unsolvable with current axiomatics? . ..soon.. .


too disconnected.. . but that's just me
--"tom cruise", 2004


souls @zero ["calibash"]:: : southern california: collision of self-importance, bad taste, and waste of money. the set of things less far-fetched than eli broad pronouncing l.a. 4th world capital includes doobai &fablallah seeking permits 2recreate live &die in l.a. chase down the pretend river. hard heads, no liquid, all concrete.. . who'd have thought the wang chung strk the least of their problems.

a mixreactor
vibrated excessively
however when it was opened
and inspected, no cause was found
. .
a pipe fell out of the pipe rack and
ruptured for no apparent reason
. . .
a pipe failed due to fatigue
at a weld, but there
appeared to be no
vibration in
the system
. . . .
diaphragm in a
steam turbine buckled
from excessive force but there
were no apparent operating conditions
that could have resulted in such a large force

4 phantom failures ["banks of 4"]:: : -- t sofronas "case #51 phantom failures" machine design 2008

The idols of the tribe
are inherent in human nature
and the very tribe or race of man
For man's sense is falsely asserted to be
the standard of things. On the contrary, all
the perceptions both of the senses and the mind
bear reference to man, and not to the universe, and
the human mind resembles those uneven mirrors
which impart their own properties to different
objects, from which rays are emitted and
distort and disfigure them
. .
The idols of the den
are those of each individual
For everybody (in addition to the errors
common to the race of man) has his own individual
den or cavern, which intercepts and corrupts the light of nature;
either from his own peculiar and singular disposition, or from his education
and intercourse with others, or from his reading, and the authority acquired by those
whom he reverences and admires, or from the different impressions produced on the mind
as it happens to be preoccupied and predisposed, or equable and tranquil, and the like: so that
the spirit of man (according to its several dispositions) is variable, confused, and as it were actuated
by chance; and Heraclitus said well that men search for knowledge in lesser worlds
and not in the greater or
common world
. . .
There are
also idols formed
by the reciprocal intercourse and society
of man with man, which we call idols of the market from
the commerce and association of men with each other. For men converse
by means of language; but words are formed at the will of the generality; and there arises
from a bad and unapt formation of words a wonderful obstruction to the mind. Nor can the definitions
and explanations, with which learned men are wont to guard and protect themselves in some instances
afford a complete remedy: words still manifestly force the understanding, throw every thing
into confusion, and lead mankind into vain and innumerable controversies and fallacies
. . . .
Lastly, there are idols which have crept into men's minds from the various dogmas
of peculiar systems of philosophy, and also from the perverted rules of
demonstration, and these we denominate idols of the theatre For
we regard all the systems of philosophy hitherto received
or imagined, as so many plays brought out and
performed creating fictitious and
theatrical worlds

bacon's idols ["banks of 4"]:: :that's francis not roger: francis bacon [1561-1626] was a systematic thinker of great influence who stands in philosophical matters on the bounds of the reenaissance and the new rationalist order. in him the totally personal will for power is narrowed down to the maxim "knowledge is power." bacon is a thinker to whom the great importance that is rightly his was ascribed in later ages. and no history of linguistics can fail to mention his "idols of the market-place" [idola fori], but this theoretical notion can nevertheless not be considered without reference to the rest of his theories --pieter verburg "language and its function" 1998


linkedin ynnovatorz ["undisneyfy the land"]:: : zzz as in sleep on it.. . somewhere out there, the next bubble is already forming

there are 2 small worlds
>not umbrella term<
as the reference
is 2 distinct
in stats
leon savage
- don't confuse w
sam savage, author of
flaws of averages - leonard
wrote in foundations of statistics
small worlds are about ping-pong balls
as opposed to the grand world, ie, reality
small worlds in complexity science refers to the
property that 'real world networks' have short paths
hence the kevin bacon game & 6-degrees of separation
but that confounds network topology w processes defined
on them: "in 2000 kleinberg revisited the small-world phe-
nomenon. his key observation is that while models such as
the strogatz-watts graph can explain the presence of short
paths between nodes, they do not explain how individuals
managed to efficiently determine such short paths in
milgram's original experiment, which contains a
striking algorithmic aspect: not only do
short path exist in the social
network but individuals
were collectively
able to find
short paths
to their targets
using only limited
personal knowledge @each
step. in some sense, the network
contained structure that individuals
could leverage to have their letter reach
its target in only a few hops. this property
often called navigability, is not captured in
the model
-- draief & massoulie "epidemics
and rumours in complex networks", 2010

emerges the linguistic irony: small
in the second sense as
an instance of the


2 small worlds ["umbrella terms & pivot language"]:: :


the staircase metrication error problem ["you go diagonal"]:: : in the movie 'copland,' synopsis: "When a local patrolman is implicated in a controversial shooting in a small New Jersey town, put-upon sheriff Freddy Heflin teams up with Lt. Moe Tilden .. . ray liotta describes to his partner how not to fight traffic when the siren's blazing: "you go diagonal." netflix it. here the diagonal challenge is to describe 2friend or family, why the length of staircases w increasing # steps does not converge to the length of the diagonal which the sequence of staircases approximates.

"still and all"
added mirna, "there's so much
knowledge in the world. what a fat book could be
made, sirna, out of everything we know"
"and an even fatter one out of
everything we don't"
answered sirna

mirna & sirna survey the garden of binary relations >promo< ["b/w small & grand worlds"]:: : . ..soon.. . who will explain to us the laws of isomorphism? --wm herschel // / i imagine that all of us want to ignore when possible, the contingent and seize the essential aspect of any idea -- barry mazur "when is one thing equal to some other thing?" 2007


what means semantic web? ["b/w syntax & semantics"]:: : raise yr hand if you're comfortable w the relation b/w syntax & semantics. are you connected with the meanings of the underlined terms?.. . then don't 4get who's teaching you this sht 4free. the future may hold fees, no chef w a minor in ice sculpture from fenix university.

9.5.10 ssx

0th order
[symbols independent
and equiprobable]


1th order
[symbols independent
but w freq. of english text]


2th order
[english diagrams a->b]


3th order
[english trigrams a->b->c]


1th order
[jump to word unit frequencies]


2nd order
[english word transition freq's
but no other structure]


approximations to gibberish ["b/w syntax & semantics"]:: : it's a testament to claude elwood shannon's genius that most of his key papers have only recently been declassified. shannon almost singlehandely developed a main branch of information theory. > >>but<< < he titled his key paper "a mathematical theory of communication" not "of information". the theory was motivated primarily by the need to correct for otherwise unavoidable noise in electronic communication channels. shannon's sense of information has no internal concept of semantics. symbols can merely be counted and patterns of symbols compared. it also demonstrates a naive concept of accuracy [eg of a classifier or other pattern recognition process]. cambridge mathematician david mackay pointed out that shannon's theory is built on the shoulders of the binomial model, a memoryless source of "noise." any process with memory [serial correlations or dependencies] is "free" ie not specified in the theory itself. it must be specified externally. the series above give a visual idea of how the series of processes approaches a language. typical sequences in the approximation to english have been constructed. in all cases we have assumed a 27-symbol 'alphabet,' the 26 letters and a space -- shannon "mathematical theory of communication" bell sys tech j 1948. prior to that list, he describes a simplified example with 5 letters: a, b, c, d, e and 16 'words' in the language [finite strings over the alphabet] with associated probabilities of, eg, 4% for abed, 2% for beed, 5% for ee, and so on. suppose successive words are chosen independently and are separated by a space. a typical message might be: dab ee a bebe deeb deb adee adee ee deb bebe bebe bebe adee bed deed ceed... shannon shows that random symbol generators can approximate gibberish: dylan thomas &das efx, w the most threadbare hint of syntax & none of semantics. to construct the 2nd order letter approximation, one opens a book at random and selects a letter at random. this letter is recorded. the book is then opened to another page and one reads until this letter is encountered. the succeeding letter is then recorded. & a similar process was used for the later stages. in the sequence 'attack on an english writer that the character of this' is not at all unreasonable. it appears then that a sufficiently complex stochastic process will give a satisfactory representation of a discrete source. it would be interesting if further approximations could be constructed, but the labor involved becomes enormous at the next stage. in 1950 shannon pondered classes of programs to perform various information processing tasks, such as playing chess and translating from one language to another. chess is a done deal - empirically [but, unlike checkers, not provably so] no human can beat them. 4u 2decide accuracy of google xlate: *



in the shape of a wail ["banks of 4"]:: : neither amerie nor a punched-out rihanna would compare herself to a fountain of blood inviting you to wet your beak in the flow. the cryptic couplet comes out of the lungs of the ever-pixyish, sibilantly-accented icelandic songstress who herself has punched out a photographer, who composes, arranges, urges entrepreneurship, &though not really burning up the dance floors, formed a path of her own aesthetics. 4 videos: LUKqMQB9jM&NR * cbGKl56ap1E * w_VpAgmNbE * SGU08FsIw_o

high speed
in individual
. .
freedom from errors. the only errors will be due to
deficiencies of the program while human players are continually
guilty of very simple and obvious blunders
. . .
freedom from lazyness. it is all too easy for a human player to make
instinctive moves without proper analysis of the position
. . . .
freedom from "never." human players are prone to
blunders due to overconvidence in "won"
positions or defeatism and self-
recrimination in "lost"

shannon's machine chess advantages ["banks of 4"]:: : classes of programs claude shannon envisioned in mid 20th century before their development include * machines for designing filters, equalizers &c * machines for designing relay and switching circuits * machines which will handle routing of telephone calls based on individual circumstances rather than by fixed patterns * machines for performing symbolic [non-numerical] mathematical operations * machines capable of translating from one language to another * machines for making strategic decisions in simplified military operations * machines capable of orchestrating a melody * machines capable of logical deduction. with regards to deduction and symbolic manipulation: The thesis we will develop is that modern general purpose computers can be used to play a tolerably good game of chess by the use of suitable computing routine or "program". While the approach given here is believed fundamentally sound, it will be evident that much further experimental and theoretical work remains to be done. In chess each of the two opponents has perfect information at each move as to all previous moves. -- shannon "programming a computer for playing chess" phil. mag 1950 // in early 1990s then world champion kasparov and ibm's deep blue mainframe-based chess computer were about evenly matched. today, consumer grade chess engines like deep rybka can rate 3200+: so superior to grand masters that humans have now started to exploit specific blind spots in machine strategies. "Very often people have the idea that masters foresee everything or nearly everything; that when they played h3 on the 13th move they foresaw that this would be needed to provide a loophole for the king after the combinations 20 moves later, or even that when they play 1.e4 they do it with the idea of preventing Nd5 on Black's 12th turn, or they feel that everything is mathematically calculated down to the smirk when the Queen's Rook Pawn queens one move ahead of the opponent's King's Knight's Pawn. All this is, of course, pure fantasy. The best course to follow is to note the major consequences for 2 moves, but try to work out forced variations as they go." -- reuben fine "chess the easy way" 1942

it's best
to move sooner
rather than later
when the economy is
within range of
deflation and
the zero
--robert parry
president s.f. fed
nyt 8.26.10

there is no iron law
that real estate must appreciate
all those theories advanced during the boom
about why housing is special that more people are choosing
to spend more on housing, that more people are moving to the coasts
that we were running out of usable land - didn't hold up
-- stan humphries chief econ zillow
nyt 8.23.10 "your home as
sure nest egg? that's
over, analysts

tiempos de austeridad ["menopause of empire"]:: : who would win in a battle among marshals, wal mart, american apparel, crate & barrel & h3lp: harrald ev3y legendary pedicabs?.. . i mean a rap battle. in this econ you cannot be brittle, gotta be flexible. "you see no matter how much green you make you never taste the avocado, just another broke versace model. tiger woods aint even up to par in the game of survival, that's why i piss in your cristal bottle" -- ras kass 1996 fill a gap, don't create a need. unbreakable not expendabhal, champhale4 every1.


baby adjunctions grow up ["b/w syntax & semantics"]:: : evariste galois [1811-1832] would be surprised to see how often his name is mentioned in topics so far from his original work. the methods used to reach the final goal proved to be more interesting than the problems to be solved. nobody uses the formulae for solving cubic or quartic equations... but their considerations forced the discovery of complex numbers. and the impossibility proof for equations of higher degree led to specifying the notion of group, on the interst of which it is unnecessary to comment --borceaux & janelidze "galois theories" 2001 // most abstract culmination of all this: a concept is constituted by its extension comprising all objects which belong to the concept, and its intension including all attributes [properties, meanings] which apply to all objects of the extension. concepts can only live in relations with other concepts where the subconcept---superconcept relation plays a prominent role. being a subconcept means that the extension of the subconcept is contained in the extension of the superconcept. the intension of the subconcept contains the intension of the superconcept. that reciprocal relation between extensions and intensions is the origin of galois connections in human thought, and becomes clear by the mathematization of formal concept analysis - the general definition based on a binary relation was first published by birkhoff in 1940 where he even mentioned the interpretation of the binary relation as object---attribute relation. --r wille "dyadic mathematics: abstractions from logical thought" 2004


which relations are respected by permutation tests #1 ["randomness & independence"]:: : if i told you i flipped a coin 1k times and got about 500 heads you'd agree that's good evidence that it is fair. but then, what if i told you the 1st 500 flips were heads and the last 500 tails? science itself, therefore, may be regarded as a minimal problem, consisting of the completest possible presentation of facts with the least possible expenditure of thought.. . those ideas that hold good throughout the widest domains of research and that supplement the greatest amount of experience, are the most scientific --ernst mach "science of mechanics" 1983 borel's conclusion is that there can be no one definitive definition of randomness. you can't define an all-inclusive notion of randomness. its hard to grasp. it;s a matter of deciding how much we want to demand. you have to decide on a cut-off, you have to say "enough" --gregory chaitin "meta mathematics" 2010


which are universal constants? #1 ["adjunction & emergence"]:: : Some 'pardigmatic revolutions' imply a bridging between formerly distinct provinces of physics; thermodynamics, electromagnetism, 4-dimensional space-time, negentropy-information equivalence, wave-particle duality, inertia-gravity equivalence are examples. The keystone then is a universal constant a newly discovered one, or an existing one reinterpreted as such. This equivalence factor is, so to speak, the exchange rate between currencies in use on both sides. It dawned late that c = ~10^8 m/s is a conversion coefficient between space and time. Galileo had shown that relative motion transforms time into space; Einstein proved that it also transforms space into time. Plank's h = 10^34 (m^2 kg)/s expresses an equivalence between action and phase; its smallness obliterated both the particle aspect of light and the wave aspect of matter. Newton's universal G = ~10^-11 m^3/(kg s^2) measured by Cavendish, has to do with inertia-gravity equivalence. -- o costa de beauregard "lawlike reversibility, factlike irreversibility; the symmetry of time in physics" int j th phy 1999 setting G=0 means no gravity. setting h=0 means ignoring quantum processes; when c equals infinity, there is no upper limit on information transmission. the theories @corners are combinations of turning on an off these constants: NM = Newtonian Mechanics; NG = Newtonian Gravity; SR = Special Relativity; QM = Quantum Mechanics; GR = General Relativity; QFT = Relativistic Quantum Mechanics; NQC = Newtonian Quantum Gravity; TOE = Relativistic Quantum Gravity. This diagram illustrates how newer, larger theories contain their predecessors as limiting cases which can be recovered by taking an appropriate limit: 1/c-->0, h-->0, G-->0 -- john barrow "the constants of nature" 2003


ladies larger than spill ["arbitrary nature of things"]:: : as i was saying to kyoke'i b4 being interrupted on some npr/kprc bullsht, 1-track minds, climate change c*cskrz incapable of agenda diversification.. . 15 seconds after the well is capped, sun shines, ppl 4get. who even remembers 9/11's "end of irony". who did that event affect outside new york. who did the spill affect besides some shrimpers. the larger problem is not "potentially around the corner" but weighs on the here and now. 90% of albertson's shelves filled w garbages; roll down windows, ask me where in-n-out burger is.

8.15.10 sxx


$$$ is time ["sunday xdunction xperiments"]:: : the interfaced processes of economics, business and finance are replete - in the poetic, not technical sense - w examples of dualities, reciprocals, 2 sides of the same coin: bulls---bears, buy---sell, supply---demand, bid---ask spreads, call---put options, profit---risk-control centers, compound---discount rates, credit---inflation, asset---consumption values, account payables---receivables, employee---employer, &c&c all mediated by markets---regulations. contracts name party---counterparty sets, w each of the former being counted among the counterparties to each of the latter.. . forex exchange rates are expressed in units determined by pairs of currencies, and themselves come in inverse pairs, eg $-->yuan, yuan-->$, w all the complexity that entails: china has spent several trillion renminbi in the last 21 months to prevent its currency from rising against the dollar nyt 4.14.10 "spotlight complicates china's currency stance" // "every estimate of the approprate level of the currency is fraught with uncertainty. and it's almost always the case that 2 methods are going to give you different answers" --eswar prasad / econ cornell nyt 4.2.10 "from china, a signal that its currency may rise" .. . flows of goods, say oil &$ 2pay 4it flow in opposite directions.. . pimco has 2 teams arguing opposite strategies to determine investments. similarly, warren buffett has advocated hiring 2 m&a firms - one to argue for a merger, the other against it; the current 1-firm system is biased, posing a moral hazard, since fees tend to be contingent on merger.. . @this pt we can ask: how does time come into play into economic and financial activities? where there's physics there's action, where there's action there's time, implicit or explicit. even in a pure barter economy, time can break symmetry from which emerge additional structure. contrast goods traded simultaneously vs. one of the parties receiving a good while giving the counterparty an i.o.u. this is a promise for future deliverable to settle the trade. thus the 2 parties can be distinguished: only one - the receiver of the promise - takes a risk, assuming of course no leviathan regulatory landscape, @some pt in the remote prehistory of economic activity.. . even today: we write most of our long-term contracts in terms of dollars, a unit of measurement that changes through time, and that is just a changing yardstick. it is odd that we in the 21st century would be using such archaic measures --r.s. "inside the economist's mind" 2007 .. . the first step in cutting off the addictive flow of foreign central bank capital to washington is an american committment to a dollar convertible to gold on a date certain. the second step is allowing the market, in the run-up to that date to find and fix a dollar price of gold that would encourage other nations to replace dollar reserves with gold hodings as their new monetary base --fieler & bell - american principles project wsj 5.7.10 "the gold standard: the case for another look" .. . re above-mentioned option trades come in flavors: "verticals", "horizontals", "diagonals"; if a broker announces he's got a "condor" or "jelly roll" to traders in a pit, "you're expected to know what that is. the brokers use these names regularly" --daniel deming wjs 6.11.10 "odd calls (and puts) from the floor", "vertical" vs "horizontal" trades are distinguishable by their action over time, with the former involving 2 options in the same month, while the latter involve options in 2 different months.. . maybe the most striking eg is the long---short duality. both are strategies with the invariant expectation expressed by the conjunction buy low & sell high the distinction accounted by the precedence of execution of the conjugated buy and sell orders: long = buy-->sell and short = sell-->buy.. . in grad days, sitting in on professor de acosta's financial math class, i noted a further asymmetry: if the short is not naked [a more complex trade involving a distinct intermediation and risk structure, eg "fail to deliver", and illegal in the u.s.] the asset must 1st be borrowed, which entails an interest charge, whereas a long position does not. de acosta promised to look up, and the next class he announced he couldn't find an answer, adding that in any case it is an extra-mathematical issue. despite this, ultimately, the issue is trivially resolved by recognizing an additional duality. do you see it? or you prolly have more important things 2do w yr time bc it's $$$.



tumbleweeds on adams ["calibash" & "undisneyfy the land"]:: : the manicured boredom. i'm against road resurfacing, blurring the mesa vista b/w sierra santas &oxford @palm villas. roads are 4wheels not feets, let a weed through a crack. there's industrial buildings, there's open space, there's blurry beauty everywhere. there's the feeling that you can discover something, that you're using your own aesthetic to interpret. everything isn't, you know, a condo w a silly name. it's the last chance for there to be a place for creative stuff to happen --david belt, architect nyt 6.3.10 "celebration at the edge of decay" gentrification over the past quarter-century has killed so many old dinner spots. i think it's important to give people an alternative to the chic place-of-the-moment look so prevalent w new ones --graydon carter / principal monkey bar, weaverly inn nyt 5.20.10 "in the village, restuarants offer a vision of the city as it once was" -- i was a nonbeliever until i actually walked on the high line. it was a complete turnaround for me -- paul levy pres unid biz improvement group philadelphia nyt 5.15.10 "cities look up to an elevated park"

a cricket named gahry ["calibash"]:: : though it doesn't seem to prevent agrobiz from channeling most of it 2rice, alfalfa, no freshwater for the rest of socal implies you'll hardly meet an insect. no screens on windows? no problema no flies or mosquitoes. so when a cricket hopped in my living room, i let it sing. burrowed in a sliver of a canyon in my vinyl stacks, it was quiet daytimes and rubbed its wings @night. beast-of-plague-like, w no food, not moving 4weeks, i contrasted the hypnotic trance of a field full of its species [a psychedelic eg. of such symphonies is in francisco lopez > "la selva" via costa rica's jungle >>> get it on cd not mp3 b/c comp can't cope w the texture] vs monotonous drrrrrr that is the upper complexity limit for an individual: no solos, no attempt @modulation. i named it gahry, after the socal-based architect, the reknowned 1-note symphony. "hardly" replied shabon, who had sent me the url to his latest bldg in vegas - though you'd never know it wasn't from 15 years ago, really tho, let's call a spade-->spade. gehry should be applauded for [a] having 4sight 2apply true 3d modeling software [acquired from france's dassault aerospace] in early 80s - upper limit of cali's cool-factor timeline - and [b] refraining from verbally overanalyzing what is intrinsically a visual art. on the other hand, when he's not blinding motorists or overheating neighboring apartments [disney symphony hall] or freezing then bursting pipes immediately after inauguration [weatherhead school of mgmt], or not mitigating the likelihood of acid-rain-like streaks on metal skin [bilbao] &overall an anachronistic 5x-construction-cost-factor in a deleveraged era.. . nothing new under the curved sun. why not retire from practice & help find h2k's space echo so he can stop busting my balls son // / --3.23.10

you see
those big shiny
oracle towers on 101?
they would never had been
built without tarski's work
on the recursive definitions
of satisfaction and truth
--john etchemendy [to solomon


rule for changing places ["pathologies of abstraction"]:: : given de morgan's emphasis on theorem k, and the fact that pierce read de morgan's paper, it is puzzling that thm k is given no prominent treatement in any of pierce's paper. schroeder, on the other hand, presents this elaborate version, but with no mention of de morgan --rd maddux "origin of relation algebras" algebraic logic 1991 // It is often easier to express the flavour of an idea with the spoken word than with the printed --gc wraith "lectures on elementary topoi" 1973

aged[10] alcoholic[20]
aromatic[24] astringent[42]
austere[23] balanced[33] big[5]
bitter[18] bland[8] bouquet[19] chalky[3]
character[15] clean[25] cloying[1]
common[14] complex[10] crisp[15]
delicate[16] developed[16]
dry[49] earthy[7]
firm[8] flabby[1]
flat[9] flowery[5]
forceful[13] foxy[1]
fragrant[11] fresh[19]
fruity[30] full-bodied[7]
gassy[4] gentle[17] grapy[13]
graceful[8] great[2] green[22]
hard[13] harsh[14] hearthy[5]
heavy[5] honest[10] insipid[6]
light[37] little[9] lively[12]
mellow[18] metallic[20]
mineral[8] musky[9]
nutty[5] oaky[1]
odd[12] off[10]
old[2] ordinary[10]
peppery[1] positive[7]
prickly[7] puckery[24] pungent[15]
refreshing[17] rich[5] ripe[15] robust[6]
round[10] rough[9] rugged[5] salty[8] savory[4]
scented[9] semisweet[22] sharp[18] sensuous[17]
simple[18] small[14] smooth[21] soft[9]
solid[7] sound[3] sour[18] spicy[7]
sturdy[8] strong[9] succulent[2]
subtle[9] sugary[6] sweet[15]
syrupy[9] tangy[26]
tart[28] taut[12]
thin[9] unripe[18] unbalanced[21]
velvety[8] vigorous[10] water[15]
wild[1] withered[5] woody[6] young[26] zestful[11]

wine word tallies from tucson subjects ["b/w syntax & semantics"]:: : one way in which words can be hooked up to the world is by treating the meaning of a word in terms of its reference (or denotation). there are standard arguments against this theory as a general account of meaning, since it is not clear what words like not, and, or if refer to. however, it is certainly the case that a large part of the vocabulary denotes things, properties, actions, processes, and events. the objects, properties, &c, denoted by a word usually have something in common - they share some property or feature. we are faced w the problem of accounting for how a particular word is connected to something or some set of things --adrienne lehrer "wine and conversation" 1983

and for the sake
of things in general
let us recall to mind that
nothing can be known concerning
the things of this world without
the power of geometry
--roger bacon, 1266


depth of scale #2 ["umbrella terms & pivot language"]:: : a confucian maxim in classical chinese landscape painting has it to render mountains 10x larger than trees, &trees 10x larger than man. this scaling is no less abstract than euro reinassance perspective. the former seeks to preserve sense of depth, the latter scale. as analogy, the symmetries relevant to the study of most partial differntial eq's are not geometric symmetries but "artificial" symmetries - lie algebras - that relate symbolic expressions first &foremost. geometric interpretation is 2ndry.

the earth
is a low-impedance path for ground current
false, the impedance of the earth is orders of magnitude greater
than the impedance of a copper conductor
. .
the earth is an equipotential
false, this is clearly not true as a result of the above
. . .
the impedance of a conductor is determined by its resistance
false, what happened to the concept of inductive reactance?
. . . .
to operate with low noise, a circuit or system must be connected to an earth ground
false, because airplanes, satellites, cars, and battery-powered laptops all operate fine
without a ground connection. as a matter of fact, an earth ground is more likely to be the cause
of a noise problem. more electronic system noise problems are resolved by removing
or isolating a circuit from earth ground than by connecting i to earth ground
. . . . .
to reduce noise, an electronic system should be connected
to a separate "quiet ground by use of a separate, isolated ground rod
false, in addition to being untrue, this approach is dangerous
and violates the requirements of the n.e.c.
. . . . . .
an earth ground is unidirectional, with current only flowing into the ground
false, because current must flow in loops, any current that flows into the ground
must also flow out of the ground somewhere else
. . . . . . .
an isolated receptacle is not grounded
false, the term "isolated" refers only to the method by which a receptacle
is grounded, not if it is grounded
. . . . . . . .
a system designer can name
ground conductors by the type of current that they should carry
eg, signal, power, lightning, digital, analog, quiet, noisy, &c
and the electrons will comply
and only flow in the
appropriately designated

8 grounding myths ["golden lists"]:: : --hw ott "electromagnetic compatibility engr" 2009


halgorithms & order ["op django"]:: : to: kanibus &karmazin @216: from: skylab: any leads on the echo unit? by now a cold trail less likely the cosmic background than voices inside his h2ead. do not wander if yr efforts matter. the lack of agreement is sobering. asz has crossed the rubicon and presumed in the wire. be sure 2pick up your badges, s.k.j core srvc's. don't trust the exit signs. if you get hassled remind their minds stalled like comicon

& popular
treatises are
almost as important
for the progress of science
as original work


(set) axiom of infinity ["cat languages"]:: : the recursion theorem is a categorical, compact way of expressing the peano axioms for the natural numbers. this leads to lawvere's notion of natural number object --daniele turi "category theory lecture notes" in Set one can prove of the natural number object 1-->w-->w that [1] the successor s:w-->w of any natural number is not zero [2] that if the successors s(x) and s(y) of any two natural numbers x and y are equal, then x =y [3] if a subobject of the naturals w has 0 as member and the implication that whenever the natural number x is in the set then so is its successor s(x), then the subobject is all of the naturals. statement [3] formalizes the principle of finite mathematical induction. any natural number is obtainable from 0 by repeatedly adding 1 and finite number of times. [1] and [2] tell us that this process always results in a member of the suboject. the three statements are known as the peano postulates, provide the basis for an axiomatic development of classical number theory --goldblatt "topoi" 1984 // note that the axioms of infinity in classical ZF set theory tells you not much more than you put in, namely that infinite sets exist. such a framework tells you little about the relation of such sets to other objects in the theory. in contrast, the categorical approach proscribes explicit commutation relations with other objects.

7.25.10 sxx

is not yet ready for
such problems

the 3x+1 wilderness ["sunday xduction xperiments"]:: : in 1932, lothar collatz, a student @hamburg u. - not hamburger u. - wrote a conjecture in his notebook concerning an arrow sending natural numbers into themselves scrambled: if even, divide by 2, else triple & add 1. repeat generating a discrete-time dynamical system. this dynamic supports a length-3 cycle: 4-->2-->1-->.. . other numbers seem to eventually reach this cycle, eg 3-->10-->5-->16-->8-->4... ~10^18 numbers positively tested. collatz' conjecture is that the cycle is unique and globally attracting, ie all natural numbers lead to it in a finite number of steps, rather than zigzag to ever larger numbers or land in another cycle - if such exist, provably they'd have to be longer than mayan calendars - 100s of millions of steps before closing- and that's an /if/.. . our inability to settle it means it gets attention, so why not take a stab @it: 80+yrs x 30+ publications incl a devoted monograph, the book is open. if we look at what mathematicians do in their daily work, one will find that conceiving and writing down proofs does not fully capture their activity. In other words, it is of course true that mathematicians spend lots of time proving theorems, but at the same time they also spend lots of time preparing the ground, if you like, to construct a proof. --jp van bendegem "the collatz conjecture; a case study in mathematical problem solving" 2005 // / individually, 3x+1 and x/2 are linear. it is their interaction mediated by an easily described switching boundary "odd vs. even," and iteration, that causes chaos - which cannot occur in linear systems. if erdos [1913-1996] is right, how is quantitative science ready to forecast non-toy systems, climate, markets?



depth vs scale #1 ["umbrella terms & pivot language"]:: : alhazen-->brunelleschi, reinassance projective reflects a specific thread of "perspective": depth's trompe l'oeil. but it is not the unique possibility. a more abstract sort, preserved in chinese scrolls, speaks to scale.. .


moving sideways ["menopause of empire"]:: : how many more times will djia cross 10k?


a-priori-->a-posteriori ["topologize everything"]:: : who would these be? show me 3 persons who didn't expect it. the a-priori is what you go into-->a forecast w/ prior to consideration of "current evidence". note that weathermen don't publicize actual minus predicted. such streams might be informative 4revising expectations, a corrector for a 10-day a-posteriori is delayed 10 days. old news.


nobody wants.. . ["calibash"]:: : another leno mess on their hands smog's playin tricks on my eyes, but i won't be fooled by cheap cinematic tricks. must have been a cardboard cutout man, top40 castoff from a rec stand .. . undisneyfy the land

contemplating large cats ["cat languages"]:: : Every cat has an identity functor which leaves its objects and arrows unchanged, and given 2 compatible functors composition is defined. so it is natural to speak of a cat of all cats, which we call CAT, whose objects are all the cats and whose arrows are all the functors. this raises genuine problems. Is CAT a cat in itself? our answer here is to treat CAT as a regulative idea: that is, an inevitable way of thinking about cats and functors, but not a strictly legitimate entity. (compare the self, the universe and god in kant 1781). of course, general cat theory applies to CAT and this cat that we do not quite believ in is the single one that we investigate the most. Alternative rigorous foundations are given, but no actual 'cat of all cats' --mclarty "elementary categories, elementary toposes" 1992

set is boolean & 2-valued ["cat languages"]:: : [1] the truth value object for variable sets is not required to be 1+1, but in the cat Set of constant sets and maps the truth is the sum true + false : 1+1-->omega where omega is a truth value object and true and false are injection arrows. [2] omega has exactly 2 elements, which must be true and false --l&r, 2003 the 2nd part is equivalent to saying 1 has 2 parts [called 0 and 1] and enables classical logic. other cats, eg slice cats over a set with more than 2 elements, are not boolean.



frowning behind smilin dimon ["menopause of empire"]:: : neighbor-->* who loved her apt just moved out &in w her mom --> lost job in february. my mom and dad told me that when they were young, there were jobs everywhere. they said we had whirpool, bristol-myers, mead johnson, windsor plastics, guardian automotive, zenith. now if you want to find a job, there's nothing around. --ms lau nyt 6.20.10 "economic centerpiece closes" true, jamie doesn't cry as van halen and sleeps, unlike the $ in wall st 2. circa '98, who chased synthetic cdo's? - freeman or jp.

gone in a flash ["protocol society"]:: : We didn't start off to have a war with Flash. It wasn't until we shipped the iPad that Adobe started to raise a stink about it, We weren't trying to have a fight. We just decided not to use one of their products in our platform. If the market tells us we are making the wrong choices, we listen to the market. If we succeed, they'll buy them, and if we don't, they won't. We sold an iPad every 3 seconds since we launched them. -- steve jobs nyt 6.2.10 "steve jobs muses on all things apple" market < regulatory < legislative < political. econ 101: you'll find economics is not about $ per se, but about mgmt of scarce resources, which includes $ but also non-$. how are these protocol layers distinguishable? is there not a market 4votes in congress? or consensus-building in lawmaking, landscape of regulatin? - do not answer "well there are few senators or s.e.c officers" b/c the market for uk garage records or superyatchs is also very small. the issue is commodity vs. non-commodity, not market vs. no-market. it's pretty clear we're not going to be able to trade futures in the way we wanted. Cantor always wanted to be in the entertainment finance business, and we thought this was the way to do it. Once the movie group decided to make it a political and legislative battle, rather than just a regulatory one, we were playing from behind. -- richard jaycobs pres cantor exchange nyt 6.25.10 "reform bill includes ban on movie futures"

- - -

a 4th fundamental* property of binary relations


banks of 4 ["cat languages"]:: : *pending review by bergman @berkeley, who claims that the implication as drawn requires transitivity. even if so, john rhodes, also from ucb, recognizes the distinct flavor of associativity when he writes in the foreword: aristotle wrote a paper lost in the library at alexandria giving some classical axioms about time. One important axiom was: time satisfies (if a, then b, then c) is the same as (if b, then c, but prior to both, a) algebraically this can be written as the associative law. --john rhodes "application of automata theory and algebra" 2010


the principal flaw of averages ["i come 2bury sigma"]:: : The Flaw of Averages is the term I use to describe the fallacies that arise when single numbers (usually averages) are used to represent uncertain outcomes. And surprisingly even most graduates of statistics courses have trouble with the basic concepts of dealing with uncertainty. Worse yet, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) is strewn with these fallacies in many areas. This, however, has not prevented new laws requiring CEOs to certify their inevitably flawed financial statements --sam savage "flaw of averages" 2009 the histograms were generated by 10k pseudo-random gaussian [red] and 10k 2-gaussian-mixture samples [green]. the issue is not exponential vs. heavy tail - both of which are stable asymptotically [=in the limit of large, independent samples]. rather, the relevant distinction is unimodal vs multimodal distributions. these cannot be distinguished by their averages [which you see are very close]. neither can they be distinguished by both mean and variance. these lowest-order stats are only sufficient in the most ridiculously small-world, high-symmetry, contrived examples; statistical equivalents of frictionless planets w no mass. many of the experts who decided to keep the drug on the market in 2007 voted that it should be withdrawn or restricted --nyt 7.15.10 "federal panel recommends withdrawing or limiting avandia"


(set) axiom of exponentiation ["cat languages"]:: : there's an arrow object x-->y for any objects x and y of Set -- l&r, 2003



shock spectrum of a drop ["symmetry and its breaking"]:: : the set of potential events may possess extra structure-such as symmetry-that is not visible in the lone state that is actually observed. For example, we might ask why the surface of a pond is flat (in the absence of wind or currents). We will not find the answer by studying flat ponds alone. Instead, we must disturb the surface of the pond, exploring the space of all potential ponds, to see what drives the surface back to flatness. In that way, we will discover that nonflat surfaces have more energy, and that frictional forces slowly dissipate the excess, driving the pond back to its minimal energy configuration, which is flat. As it happens, a flat surface has a lot of symmetry, and this, too, can best be explained by thinking about the "space" of all possible surfaces -- ian stewart / u warwick a drop of milk splashing into a glassful brakes symmetry in stages. the falling drop initially has [approximately] spherical symmetry. impact with the milky surface breaks this symmetry down to that of the circle: the ejecta, impulsively accelerated, forms an axisymmetric ring. this ring typically also loses stability so a crown forms = lower symmetry than ring. in real-world impacts, the regular [=evenly-spaced] 24-pt crown photographed in mid-century by edgerton & killian and analyzed by steweart & golubitsky are not necessarily observed. often: the crown dynamics also exhibits a nontrivial bifurcation behavior, which includes frustration and irregular crown phenomena. --krechetnikov & homsy "crown-forming instability phenomena in the drop splash problem, j colloid & interface sci, 2008


real maps vs. 4-cm ["topologize everything"]:: : the 4-color map theorem, proved in 1976 by appel and haken, is controversial b/c it relies on computer assistance. it asserts that 4 colors suffice to color any planar map so that neighboring regions have distinct colors. the theory manages to squeeze the combinatorics down to many thousands of distinct cases, then algorithms were implemented to classify these irreducible cases. the map above [showing budget deficits by state - you figure which are high] is not a successful coloring as you see clumps of neighboring states identically colored. the theorem only states that a coloring exists. and special cases like co-ut-az-nm joined @single pt, &michigan divided in 2 non-neighboring regions? sounds like a copout that such cases are expressely not considered. is mathematics taking the easy way out, peeling off from reality? no: if such cases are allowed, the answer is trivial: 4-cm is false then. math develops by considering only nontrivial statements.

my admiration goes to the waves
that come from the same source
to flow in different
--ruan ji [210-263]

churning the cosmic ocean #2 ["part-whole duality"]:: : penzias, in his nobel lecture, formulated the widespread impression: as for detection, they appear to have considered the radiation to manifest itself primarily as an increased energy density. the contribution to the total energy flux incident upon the earth would be masked by cosmic rays and integrated starlight, both of which have comparable energy densities. the view that the effects of 3 components of approximately equal additive energies could not be separated may be found in a letter by gamow written in 1948 to alper (unpublished). "the space temperature of about 5 k is explained by the present radiation of stars. the only thing we can tell is that the residual temperature from the original heat of the universe is not higher than 5 k. they do not seem to have recognized that the unique spectral characteristics of the relict radiation would set it apart from the other effects." --nn&n, 2006

(set) axiom of nondegeneracy ["cat languages"]:: : in set, the initial object 0 [="empty set"] is not isomorphic to 1 [="singleton sets"] --l&r, 2003 for each set-object a, there is just one arrow 0-->a, and only one arrow a-->1. however, in the reverse direction, 1-->a vs. a-->0, the former exist for any nonempty a [and there'll be many depending on the size of a], whereas the latter will only exist if a is also empty, and even then the arrow is unique. to allow 0==1 would result in all sets having only one element.. . equivalent to this axiom is the statement that no arrow 1-->0 exists.

in recognition of megawatt vhalue added
incl. soon-2b feature film about his hwood travails
marijuana-store shootings, landlord issues and sundry
contributions to mobile device open source protocols
de llyver is hereby upgraded to shabbaz fablallah
congratulations. this promotion underwritten
by the halcyon company, a unit of h3lo
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more talk like
watch di


de'llyver-->fablallah ["calibash"]:: :



scorzese endgame ["menopause of empire" "calibash"]:: : silhouettes run from a car one of the figures just torched - fireball imminent. this is a sequence from: [a] departed, [b] casino, [c] goodfellas, [d] afterhours, [e] most of the above // nicholson as bland: similar persona in every character, same character in every role, undisneyfy the land.


roots of asymmetric info ["symmetry and its breaking"]:: : origin of car lemon laws echoes from the past: diogenes of babylon--> concealing is one thing. but not revealing is another. if i don't reveal to you @this moment what the good[s] are like - or the nature of the highest good - i am not concealing that information, which would certainly be more useful to you than the knowledge that prices of wheat were down. i am not obliged to tell you everything that would be useful for you to know antipater of tarsus--> oh yes you are. if you remember that nature has joined mankind together in 1 community diogenes--> i remember that but surely this community is 1 in which private property exists? if not nothing ought to be sold @all - everything ought to be given away cicero--> neither party - you will observe, will perform this action, however wrong, b/c it is advantagous. one side is claiming that the action is advantageous w/o being wrong, while the other urges that it is wrong and should therefore not be committed -- cicero "on duties iii; test cases in business" 44bc in morals as in science & tech, no ultimate answers

how you gonna win
1 on 1 where i'm from
that's like throwing pun a
gun & try 2run w no equilibrium
-- big pun & juju


the equilibrium umbrella ["symmetry and its breaking" "umbrella terms & pivot language"]:: : equilibrium, is there a more misunderstood concept? aequus=equal + libra=balance. sci proceeds on an endless arrow of generalization. the ancients had scales but no dynamical systems theory. a pendulum in fixed position or 2 kids on a see-saw in fixed position are in a state of equilibrium. the pendulum becomes excited by clock mechanism. the kids begin to alternate up &down. in both cases the equilibria that reflect balance lose stability and are replaced by stable cycles, diminishing the systems' symmetry. nevertheless these cycles are said to be in equilibrium. the constant becomes variable, but the property recontextualized. with the relinquishment of the absolute universe of sets, concepts will in general no longer possess absolute meaning, nor assertions absolute truth values, but will instead possess such meanings or truth values only locally, ie relative to the local frameworks; an instance of the dialectical process of negating constancy -- john bell "from absolute to local mathematics" synthese 1986 "economists have physics envy.. ." --nyt 7.4.10 "they did their homework" // .. . &when cycles lose stability?

is the bond
of the eternal
of things
-- philolaus

some cats named "2" ["cat languages"]:: : the ordered cat "bold2" has 2 objects called 0 and 1, and 3 arrows: 0-->0, 0-->1, 1-->1, that represent the relation: "less than or equal to". bold2 is also an object in the cat "boolean algebra", in the cat "topological ring" [of integers modulo 2] and in the cat "complete lattice" // to delete the 0-->1 arrow is to downgrade bold2 to the set "2", which is an object in the cat "set". "2" is also a self-dual cat with 2 objects &only identity arrows - the connection b/w objects being literally dropped.

(set) axiom of part representation ["cat languages"-->"part---whole conjugation"]:: : by means of truth values: [1] any a-->2 [2 being a set w 2 objects] is the characteristic arrow of a part of a. [2] any part of a has a unique 2-valued characteristic arrow --lawvere & rosebrugh, 2003 the axiom allows counting of parts by counting 2-valued arrows [="functions"] instead. recall that counting requires a clear notion for distinguishing the things being counted --l&r



ju*ly 4 rem ["misc promos &sh talkin"]:: : everyone wants to think they're smarter than the poor souls in developing countries and smarter than their predecessors. they're wrong. and we can prove it --carmen reinhart, coauthor "this time is different, 800 yrs of financial folly", 2009 people almost pride themselves on not paying attention to current events. the mainstream of academic research in macroeconomics puts theoretical coherence and elegance first and investigating the data second, and was not terribly useful in either predicting the financial crisis or in assessing how it would play out once it happened -- kenneth rogoff, coauthor, nyt 7.4.10 "they did their homework" / The origin of our violence problem begins with the fact that Mexico is located next to the country that has the highest levels of drug consumption in the world. It is as if our neighbor were the biggest drug addict in the world -- felipe calderon // there's some evidence that reminds us that this is not going to be a straight line of progress. it's probably best described as zigs and zags. some days, it's 2 steps fwd, 1 step back, or 1 step fwd, 2 steps back -- unid sr official nyt 6.15.10 "setbacks mar plans to leave afghanistan" // / a reminder that w/o appropriate ejucation &organization, you ain solidifyin a damn thing.. . u*-->we move the nation like automation



hate the boundary of yr commute? ["calibash"]:: : b/c nobody walks, like dale bozzio, you see, per kkkapita 1 car in s. kkkali. assumptions have external costs in open systems. these costs factor through system boundaries. commute is 30% of the problem. in some cities you walk out of your joint into culture.. . in l.a. 1st you have 2find parking - the boundary of a commute & 70% of your problem. i lick my lips when i say fk yall, so i can use the #s more loosely. if i had an extra lifetime to live, i'd live it here, within a block or two of the insurance shop on venice with the wrap-around neon facade. another watching cars turn off national onto the 10. perhaps i could grasp what escapes me here. then i'd know whether it was worth looking for in the first place. i wonder if there would be room for all these cars if they decided to find parking spots at once -- verlyn klinkenborg nyt 5.8.10 "haunting los angeles"

a famous zoological classification divides animals into:
> those drawn with a very fine camelhair brush
> those that belong to the emperor
> those that are trained
> embalmed ones
> suckling pigs
> mermaids
> fabulous ones
> stray dogs
> those included in the present classification
> those that trembled as if they were mad
> innumerable ones
> others
> those that have just broken a flower vase
> those that from a long way off look like flies
this fanciful classification attributed to a chinese encyclopedia
in borges' "the analytical language of john wilkins" is
clearly ludicrous, but perhaps not so different
from the root classification of chemical
compounds in the medical
subject headings:
> inorganic chemicals
> organic chemicals
> polycyclic compounds
> heterocyclic compounds
> macromolecular substances
> enzymes and coenzymes
> carbohydrates
> lipids
> complex mixures
> biological factors
> amino acids, peptides and proteins
> hormones, substitutes and antagonists
> nucleic acids, nucleotides and nuclosides
> biomedical and dental materials
> pharmaceutical preparations
> chemical actions and uses
. .
many, if not most, compounds
of medical interest fall into many
of the above categories
just as many if not most
animals fall into many of borges'
properly constructed ontologies obey
the principle of pairwise disjointness
-- dl banville "chemical information mining" 2009

borges meets mesh ["or---xor conjugation"]:: : a model where pairwise [=locally] disjoint implies mutual [=globally] disjoint is the cat 'vector space': vectors comprising orthogonal bases for a space have that property. in other cats, pairwise disjoint does not imply mutually disjoint. eg: independence doesn't spread, 2006


churning the cosmic ocean #1 ["part---whole duality"]:: : in a way, the entire history of cosmology from ptolemy and aristotle to the present day can be divided into two stages: a period before and a period after the discovery of the cosmic microwave background [cmb]. the first period was the subject of hundres of volumes of literature. now it is not only an integral part of science, but also marks a step in the progress of mankind. the radiation with a temperature close to 3 kelvin discovered by penzias and wilson was described in 1965 as the remnant of the hot plasma that existed at the very onset of expansion which then cooled down.. . but the drama of ideas and 'random walks' of the 1940s to the 50s in search of manifestations of the cmb is still waiting for its historians -- naselsky, novikov & novikov "physics of the cosmic microwave background" // at the 'twilight' vishnu-narayana was sleeping on the single wave of the primordial ocean - the wave representing chaos or the primordial matter - reclined on a snake who, by floating at the surface, was a symbol of what was left without form. the snake means "the unlimited," in other versions "the residue" -- vittorio roveda "images of the gods" 2005

(set) axiom of finite limits, weak version ["cat languages"]:: : [i] the set cat has an initial object "0" [="empty set"] such that for any object a there is exactly one arrow 0-->a. [ii] dually, the cat set has an object "1" [="singleton sets"] such that for any object a there is exactly one arrow a-->1. this unique arrow is given the same name "a" as the set that is its domain -- lawvere & rosebrugh, 2003 // more generally: an initial object 0 in a cat c arises as the image of the unique object of the cat 1 under a left adjoint to the constant functor c-->1. the unit of the adjunction is the identity natural transformation id(1)-->id(c). the co-unit picks out the unique c-arrow from 0 to each subobject -- bc pierce "basic cat theory for comp scientists" 1991

6.27.10 sxx

good mathematicians see analogies between theorems
great mathematicians see analogies b/w analogies
-- banach [1892-->1945]
"straight" answer: abc-->abd ==> ijk-->ijl
slightly smart-aleck: abc-->abd ==> ijk-->ijd
very smart-aleck: abc-->abd ==> ijk-->abd
abc-->abd ==> xyz-->?
abc-->abd ==> ijxx-->?
abc-->abd ==> iijjkk-->?
abc-->abd ==> ijjkkk-->?

what happened 2 abc? ["sunday xduction xperiments"]:: : not the network, kill the vampire slayer 4a sec: suppose the letter-string abc were changed to abd; how would you change the letter-string ijk in "the same way"? the challenge is essentially "be a copycat" - that is, "do the same think as i did," where "same" of course is the slippery term. almost everyone answers ijl. most people feel that the natural way to describe what happened to abc is to say that "the rightmost letter was replaced by its alphabetic successor. that operation can then be painlessly and naturally "exported" from the abc framework to the other framework, namely ijk to yield the answer ijl. of course this is not the only possible answer. for instance, it is always possible to be a "smart aleck" and answer ijd (rigidly choosing to replace the rightmost letter by d) or ijk (rigidly replacing all c's by d's) or even abd (replacing the whole structure blindly by abd) -- douglas hofstadter "fluid concepts & creative analogies" 1996 note 2 distinct types of arrows: --> are "1st order" arrows in cats whose objects are short letter strings. ==> are functors or "2nd order" arrows, which transport entire cat structures. eilenberg & maclane, the "founders" of cat theory, were primarily interested in the behavior of functors [adjunction emerges @this 2nd level of abstraction] they defined cats axiomatically just to give functors well-defined domains &codomains. the key to analogy-making is what i am calling conceptual slippage. finding an appropriate conceptual slippage given the context at hand is the essence of analogy -- melanie mitchell "complexity, a guided tour" 2009 // don't over-extrapolate lessons learned from string "microworlds" [developed by hofstader &his student mitchell] which have no external semantics, to the complex grand world. eg try yr hand at: vietnam-->afghanistan ==> ltcm1998-->?



limits of cgi ["calibash"]:: : with all the wack-ass hwood omnicorp action adventure sequels, we don't have the tech 2morph images of meg whitman [not shown] into a more agreeable mug? bear w me, what has she done @ebay [= craigslist + fees] anyway but bomb.. . seeking rare rekkids?--> pls pt yr browser @discogs, dot com

measurement is
the contact
of reason
with nature
-- margeneau

limits of measurement ["universe on the bit" "content---context duality"]:: : you measure the dimensions of a box. the 3 #s thus obtained are expressed in units of length. that is the content of your measurement, which is an arrow. the arrow is said to be forgetful of context, for, which of the 3 correspond 2the box's length, width, height? context : content :: metadata : data.. . better think carefully what a 'bit' can possibly inform you of. answer 2follow . ..soon.. .

(set) axiom of limits ["cat languages"]:: : the cat set has all finite limits & colimits -- lawvere & rosebrugh, 2003 // the definitions of the product of objects and the equalizer of arrows have the same basic form. in each case the entity in question has a certain property "canonically" in that any other object with that property "factors through." this situation is called a "universal construction". the entity in question is universal among the things that have a certain property. -- goldblatt, "topoi" 1984


dynamic cats #1 ["cat languages"]:: : -- arbib & manes "category-theoretical approach to systems in a fuzzy world" synthese 1975


diagrams or eq's ["rise of the image"]:: : initial segment of a letter by dyson --> oppenheimer shortly after his arrival @princeton, 1948. oppenheimer initially expressed resistance to dyson's work on qed, which drew on the ideas of feynman, schwinger and tomonaga [who shared the nobel]. oppenheimer eventually conceded the pt via a handwritten note "nolo contendere. r.o." left in dyson's mailbox. // the main event of the meeting @pocono mts in 1948 was an 8hr talk by schwinger of harvard. his analysis was founded on an orthodox understanding of quantum mechanics. by contrast, feynman struggled to explain the rules and origins of his diagrams, which used pictures instead of complex equations to describe quantum-scale interactions [="scattering amplitudes"]

future of energy's information ["universe on the bit"]:: : bloomberg new energy finance is a provider of news, data and analysis related to alternative energy and carbon markets. type NEFW<Go> for more information. for the top stories from new energy finance's news and briefing service, type TNEF<Go>. for the top bloomberg news stories on renewable energy, type GREEN<Go>. to monitor prices in biofuel markets, type BIOF<Go>. the bloomberg map (BMAP) function has been enhanced with a new feature that lets you track prices for agricultural products such as corn, which is used as a feedstock for ethanol in the u.s, at local sites such as grain elevators. type BMAP<Go> and click on agriculture and biofuel pricing. in the upper-left corner of the screen, click on the arrow to the right of commodity and select corn. -- jon asmundsson "financing green energy" bloom mkts 7.2010


plenty of legos @bottom ["plenty of room @bottom"]:: : ordinarily complexity is thought of as increasing up ladders of integration, so that, eg, a living creature is more complex than any of its individual organs [the "sum" of its parts], each of its organs is more complex than their individual tissues, the tissues more complex than their cells, &c. but there is no universal way to measure and compare complexities across rungs of integration ladders. moreover, interaction combinatorics yield heterogeneous interactions even @the lowest scales. nonthermal plasma is a mixture of electrons, highy excited atoms and molecules, ions, radicals, photons, and so on. its chemistry is extremely complex and highly selective products should not be expected via plasma chemistry. the basic reactions for controlling both the direction and reaction rate of plasma co2 utilization is summarized. A and B represent atoms, A2 and B2 molecules, e represents an electron, M is a temporary collision partner, and S represents a solid surface site. excited species is indicated by an asterix. other types of reactions incluidng photochemical occur but are not shown. the rates depend on electron energy, electron density, gas temperature, gas pressure, other properties of gases, and so on. however, at present, understanding of plasma chemistry is limited, it remains difficult to predict final products on a theoretical basis -- ji-jun zou & chang-jun liu "utilization of carbon dioxide through nonthermal plasma approaches" 2010 // you think you understand climate change? oh, you know the carbon cycle? you know nada &understand even less


kyoke'i podcast challenge ["most childs left behind"]:: :


when you're
wounded and left on
afghanistan's plain, and the
women come to cut up what remains
just roll to your rifle and blow out
your brains, and go to your
gawd like a soldier
-- kipling, 1895


hearts & minds ["arbitrary nature of things"]:: : lessons learned from vietnam? none. the obscenity lost on most americans drains the death of mcnamara of any real significance -- bob herbert nyt 7.7.09 "after the war was over" a cynical way to put it is that there'll always be longhorns &sooners ready to replenish ranks of corporals &seargants. but they don't come 4free. cost: $1m/(man yr). you may notice that u.s. coffers in 2010, unlike china's, and unlike blood of 1k+ americans, don't spilleth over. in this country there is a blind devotion to supporting the troops, and that is a very honorable sentiment. but i don't think we really know what that means. there is no room to be apathetic. these are your tax dollars at work -- daniel battsek, nat geo films nyt 6.20.10 "valley of death: one platoon's tour of duty" // there is no taliban in afghanistan dude. just give us a couple of weeks and we'll win their hearts &minds -- cpl ian bradley nyt 5.20.10 "a marine patrol glimpses a long hot summer"


dances w waterheads ["calibash"]:: : skeptics of the kevin costner oil skimmer - powered by hydrogen syphoned directly from the sun - should be reminded that kkkalifornia north does not hold a monopoly on innovation or leadership. the iraqi counterinsurgency timetable was greatly accelerated by sean penn's 2002 fact-finding mission. there's richard gere's meditations leading to identification of genetic biomarkers for colon cancer. &20 miles east @pasadena's jet propulsion lab, jake gyllenhaal is helping physicists untangle causes from effects in the pioneer anomaly. all hush hush 4the moment: he's still quite a ways from bridging the casimir force 2a new definition of gravity. for all the years they looked like clowns, the joke is over smell the smoke from all around, burn hollywood burn hollywood burn -- pe, 1990

the best
material model
of a cat is another
or preferably the same, cat
-- rosenblueth & wiener "philosophy of science", 1945


the set cat axiom ["cat languages"]:: : sets and mappings b/w them form a [level-1] cat whose objects are sets and whose arrows are the maps -- lawvere & roseburgh, 2003 // the archer is a reminder that math &science are about connecting the dots. objects represent the dots or nouns; it's the arrows, analogous to verbs, that connect them. the cat set is the "limiting" case in which variation of the objects has been reduced to zero. -- jt bell "from absolute to local mathematics" synthese 1986



1 2 4 8 16.. . 31? ["recognition-->discrimination duality"]:: : b4 you "singularity" buffs get excited about ibm's watson on jeopardy, mind the gap b/w trivial pursuit &reasoning. all the general laws about the movement of human thinking should ultimately be made explicit so that thinking can be a reliable instrument, but already aristotle realized that one must start on that vast program with a more sharply defined subcase -- lawvere & rosebrugh "sets for mathematics" 2003 // punch "1 2 4 8 16" into wolfram alpha's "curated" search engine. it returns, as top ranking model generating this sequence the linear one that continues "32, 64, 128.. ." despite that it's only one of 400+ sequences containing "1 2 4 8 16" characterized in at&t's online db of integer sequences. iz it special? some researchers i've spoken with @ucsd concur w alpha in their belief that the linear sequence is most important. but it's also the most simplistic [-->"what is linear thinking?"] nonlinear systems are surely the rule, not the exception, outside the physical sciences -- r may "simple mathematical models with very complicated dynamics" nature, 1976 but if the system under study does not conform to the doubling sequence? >> > take "1 2 4 8 16 31" that begins seq a000127: the maximal #regions obtained by joining n pts around a circle by straight lines. also the number of regions in 4-space formed by n-1 hyperplanes. these constructions may be more complex than "doubling" but so what? it is the burden of models to conform to reality. when real complexity swamps simple models, the venerable induction princple "occam's razor"-->wrong conclusion i remember being quite frightened with th idea of presenting for the first time to such a distinguished audience the concept of linear programming. after my talk the chairman called for discussion. hotelling said devastatingly "but we all know the world is nonlinear." suddenly, another hand in the audience was raised. it was von neumann. "the speaker called his talk linear programming. then he carefully stated his axioms. if you have an application that satisfies the axioms, use it. if it does not, then don't." and he sat down. -- g danzig "reminiscences about the origins of linear programming" op res let, 1982

not all phy is info ["recognition-->discrimination duality"]:: : when kyoke'i, a physicist, claims that all information is physical.. . grain of salt 2begin w. but moreover, the statement is of such low specificity as to be useless. for what isn't physical? thoughts, emotions, perceptions, beliefs, all have partial descriptions @phy-layer. so too are communication systems, all languages, cuisines and theories. chemical, biological, economic and financial processes: all physical. memories, estimates and anticipation. ditto. unicorns can be viewed as a memetic cultural process, embodied physically in unicorn stories &pictures xmitted --> downstream generations. 2say information is physical is, ironically, uninformative. it lacks specificity. drinking wine is not processing information until the act of consciously reflecting on it. all the biotransduction mechanisms that allow the enjoyment of a glass or2 are doing their thing, can be said to follow the universal principle of least action, but regardless of any such descriptions. people used to talk about boredom as though it were a thing, not a mood - a sort of physical object - it "descended" on you, - "escaped" from you, - you "fled" from it, - you "dispelled" it, as though a fog -- walter kirn // atlantic 7-8.2010

i know
you ngz want my style
but i won't let you see the best of me
i pulled up aggressively on 24s
+ extra 3
w pepper seats
god bless a g i can 4ever see
.. .
4u 2id-->

- -

hustle is major ["crunk---screw conjugation"]:: : atl, usa music capital. like punk b4, crunk as a sound emerges from an attitude. in this case ushered in literally by cheapsht casio boards @fingertips of lil jon. crunk is not outkast or goodie mob. if you're going 2go that far, might as well take it back on the1, j brown.



function<--form ["symmetry and its breaking"]:: : does form follow function, as the bauhaus designers argued? or is it, as postmodernist architects like philip johnson proposed, that form never follows function, form always follows form? nature's organization swings the other way, @least at molecular level: function follows form. or better, function emerges from the interaction of forms: when an individual animal or palnt secretes a substance that is detected by an individual of the same species and induces a specific reaction, the substance is said to be a pheromone [greek: pherein: transfer + hormon: excite]. it seems as though insect communication systems have exploited pheromone chirality in every way possible. the female olive fruit fly produces the sex pheromones r-olean, which excites males, and s-olean which excites herself --james riehl "mirror-image symmetry" 2010 // the success of an asymmetric catalyst is defined by the enantiomeric excess, the difference in % yields of the major and minor enantiomers of the product. the closer that this value is to 100% [stereospecificity is achieved] the better. asymmetic synthesis in industry depends fully upon transition metals as the active site of the catalyst -- geoffrey lawrance "intro to coordination chemistry" 2010

is the american
dream of home ownership
fannie mae mission statement // nyt
6.20.10 "cost of rescuing fannie
and freddie keeps


burden on models ["masters of reality"]:: : model says sold, reality may disagree. the burden is on the former to match the latter, not viceversa. because i appreciate the role of chance and contingency in human events, i try to be appropriately realistic about my own capabilities. i know there is much that i don't know -- ben bernanke // nyt 5.16.10 "messy times for bernanke and fed"


ignore the #s ["masters of reality"]:: : We rate the probability of success between 60% and 70%. Beyond that, there is a third and fourth and fifth option around both containment and elimination -- tony hayward ceo bp // nyt 5.25.10 "oil hits home, spreading arc of frustration" // how did they get these numbers? BP has not faced this particular set of circumstances before, mile-deep well, crinkled riser &c. it's not the case that they tried it a number of times before in similar conditions and it worked that fraction of times. no universally defined random variables or measure spaces here. these are not probabilities but degrees of belief, not uniquely quantifiable. a more precise statement would have been: "we don't know. it myte wurk". similarly: look, a double-dip recession is a genuine risk - i'd place it @20% as opposed to 5% a few weeks ago. we have some chronic problems in europe, but i don't see it leading us to a lehman-style contagion -- robert j barbera chief econ itg // nyt 5.26.10 "europe crisis may impede u.s. upturn" // 1 of the key pts in taleb's "fooled by randomness" is: where do the numbers come from? math can only provide internal validation. do your models approximate reality? in the grand world, there is no way to eliminate all confounders. there is only one us economy in 2q2010, not multiple universes thereof. ignore the #'s if not auditable. follow tukey's advice: it is better to be vague and approximately correct, than pretend to be precise but incorrect.


fork or chopsticks ["arbitrary nature of things2"]:: : the chinese invented the fork, &then rejected it for chopsticks on aesthetics: uncouth 4diners 2chop food @mealtime. does not imply western world derived the fork from the east - no big deal: a stick w a few pointed ends. it does, however, mean additional cooking time &energy since meats, vegs generally hit the pans thicker in the west. which is it going to be, fork or chopsticks 4 udon w/ grape tomatoes and capers.. . u*gallery > lunch



who can tell, you
still get up and say, this is
probably the last time you're ever
going to do this, you can't imagine yourself
going through it again. but zen gen is on our team
after the championship you are to rendezvous
@the lodge. notice the ceilings don't drop
wait in but be on the lookout for the
man in maui jims driving a
tan chevy cheyenne
-- "st germaine"

skg-->skj ["op django"]:: : .. .


worst & best retail deals ["arbitrary nature of things"]:: : worst deal in retail? wine, esp. by the glass. hard2 have fun under 20 bones. best? ernie's reggae, by cerritos: pkg 2 days l8r

- -

temblors' long tail ["time dimension and time blindness"]:: : kali4'ians are as kkavalier about quakes as n.eastern folk scraping ice off windshields. after a jolt @borders, a lady, addressing no one in particular: "welcome to california" &that's that. past the moment floors stop shaking, and only hanging pots &pans are oscillating, it's a memory. some jolts abrupt, like distant detonations. others build slow rolling waves that can go on for 10 seconds as the easter quake. a neighbor from 2nd floor held on to the railing: "i thought i was going crazy" - it can play w your vestibular system. that kid was in the navy; can he be relied upon in blue seas. .. . observe temblors long tail. ~15 destructive global events per year, but small 1's every 15 min.

on clothing yr iphone ["masters of reality"]:: : here's an innovator spending years and bn$ on making a device skinny as can be, yet here you go making it thick again. oh you're worried about screen crackin. but in the long run we're all dead like keynes again.

if kyoke'i were 2b reincarnated
as surface oil slick, @least
he wouldn't have the
keyboard skills
2send the
like uninhabitable
earth in 300 years. how
convenient that he won't be
around then. perhaps tell us if
tampa'll be in superbowl cccxliv 2310


kyoke'i in the role of makkada ["masters of reality"]:: : in the epic "makkada to ido no heikin hanten" (makkada and the well of mean reversal), makkada the blood oracle, having gambled away the ability 2fast fwd time, glimpses the profound abyss that separates forecasts from the possibility to validate them w/o actually waiting until events unfold. here makkada, played to perfection by kyoke'i, learns of bp's "1 in a million" blowout baseline // / the time has passed when a bunch of elite true-meaning experts could go into the next room and make conclusions. they have to be transparent --phillip sharp, mit biology, nyt 6.15.10 "in hunt for planets, astronomers argue over who owns data" // a foundation makes explicit the essential features, ingredients and operations of a science as well as its origins and general laws of development. the purpose of making these explicit is to provide a guide to the learning, use and further development of the science. a "pure" foundation for its own sake is clearly a nonfoundation. the general features of a foundation are: [1] the nature and workings of the logical and algebraic theories within which we reason and calculate; [2] the nature and workings of the set-universes, whether abstract and constant, or cohesive and variable, that we imagine as an objective or geometrical background; [3] the nature and workings of the interpretations, known as structures or models, of theories into set-universes -- lawvere &rosebrugh "sets for mathematics" 2003

- - -

hot &cold hits ["frequentist---bayesian conjugation"]:: : nature 04.29.10 "experts disagree on statistics from dna trawls"


a black swan 2many ["theory---practice conjugation"]:: : the usefulness of black swan analogy is diluted when erry other month there's another: the spill is a black swan, the financial crisis is a black swan, katrina was a black swan. 1 shuttle blowup-->0-ring, another-->2lb foam tile. these situations have little in common, and this is not reflected by the swans color uniformity-->rgb[0,0,0] .. . move2 variable-colored swans rgb[random,random,random], all shades &pastels. the so called palette regime in forensic statistics. certain approx's are accurate when red is quite rare, and when there is a large number of other features in the population. that the feature red is rare is an implicit condition for the problem to be relevant in the context of evidence in a court case. -- halvor mehlum "the island problem revisited" am stat 2009 the black swan paradigm was introduced to argue against the possibility of induction. in fact induction is useful but the applicability is strictly limited to certain high symmetry situations in the small world, not the grand world of unbounded confounders.



i don't like your attitude, sir ["sequel potential"]:: : l-r: tony "i just want my life back" hayward of bp [in oily halo], steven newman of transocean, hal e. burton of h2k/omnicorp [custom halo by helo]. chaos ensued during a house hearing on the gulf oil spill after representative bobby thompson [wine party, ca] threatened to burn off mr hayward's fingers off with an omnicorp class 3 laser pointer if he didn't immediately straighten them out. as colleagues wrestled the device from mr thompson's clutched hand, he shouted "cheney days are over, wipe that grin off yr face" // We are fully cooperating with the Flow Rate Technical Group. We are working very closely with their experts. anne kolton, bp .. .or >> > The well pipe clearly is fluxing way more than it did before. By way more, I don't mean 20 percent, I mean multiple factors. It's apparent that BP is playing games with us, presumably under the advice of their legal team. It's six weeks that it's been dumping into the gulf, and still no measurements ira leifer, ucsb // nyt 10.6.8 "rate of oil leak, stilll not clear, puts doubt on bp

energy policy 4grownups ["model---reality conjugation"]:: : for 60 years, reactors on u.s. navy ships have operated w/o killing 1 sailor. why? the career of the ship's commander can be ended by a mistake. the # of deaths from nuclear accidents @u.s. commercial reactors is also zero.. . stop pretending wind power has anything to do w reducing america's dependence on oil. windmills generated electricity - not transportation fuel. wind has become the energy pet rock of the 21st century and a taxpayer ripoff. according to e.i.a., wind produces only 1.3% of u.s. electricity but receives fed taxpayer subsidies 25x as much per mwh as subsidies for all other forms of electricity production combined.. . if we need more green electricity, build nuclear plants. the 100 commercial nuclear plants we already have produce 70% of our pollution-free, carbon-free electricity. yet the u.s. has just broken ground on our first new reactor in 30 years, while china starts 1 every 3 months and france is 80% nuclear. we wouldn't mothball our nuclear navy if we were going to war. we shouldn't mothball our nuclear plants if we want low-cost, reliable green energy. // / 3pts from a series of 10 by lamar alexander [r-tn] wsj 6.11.10 "an energy policy for grown-ups"

creat servus quidnam putan solvi ?!? ["calibash"]:: : why bother learnin latin, why not runes &hierogliphics. nonetheless, who can help xlate meg whitman's proposed kkkali motto: "to create slaves who think they're free" - 2give it more bullsht leverage like lehman bros. politicians speak from platforms, but what the fck they saying?

rem the arrow of identity ["cat languages"]:: : the presence of an identity arrow a-->a from an object a to itself is necessary in any cat, an unappreciated mnemonic that identity is an informatic concept, distinct from the underlying object [=system, process, &c] which it represents // people up north know that barbara boxer came from here and that feinstein was the mayor of san francisco, whereas the southland is a big melting pot where people's identities get lost doug bosco / frmr congressman wsj 6.11.10 "california politics sees new winner: the north"


when you come
out of college, you're raw
you have energy. you want to experiment
you want to learn. you have hopes
you have aspirations
you want to be
steve jobs
you want to be all
that. slowly, over time
you lose it, and by looking
in the mirror every day
as you get older
you fool
yourself that
you're ok. there has
to be another way
of looking in
the mirror revisiting
what you really
want to
vineet nayar
ceo hcl technologies
nyt 2.13.10 "corner office"

solution is law ["most childs left behind"]:: : problem 1:: : when our company shifted attention to clean energy, we found the innovation cupboard was close to bare. my partners and i found the best fuel cells, the best energy storage and the best wind technology were all born outside the united states/ john doerr, kpc&b // nyt 6.10.10 "a call to triple u.s. spending on energy research" problem 2:: : HCL's CEO Vineet Nayar has gone on record with some controversial remarks about the quality of American technology college graduates. Tired of hearing stereotypes about Indian tech grads, Mr. Nayar, speaking before an audience of business partners in New York City, blasted American tech grads as "unemployable". He elaborated that he views American tech grads as inferior to those from India, China, and Brazil as the Americans only want to "get rich" and dream up "the next big thing". He says students from countries like India, China, and Brazil are more willing to put the effort into details of tech process and methodology // information week, 6.3.10 solution is law:: : repurpose america's plentiful lawyer teams. a tax specialist billing $600/hr isn't stackin cheddar 4nuttin: the ratio of exxon's 2009's profits to its u.s. corp tax liabilities ~is, let's say~ the ratio of wind energy @jetstream to that @200m, below which 2day's pointless turbines rise, you big dummies like sanford &son. this suggests >> > attorney-based manhattan proj w/ 3m postit notes --> 2find loopholes in nature's laws

&so we're left wading in ignorance ["most childs left behind"]:: : What have we learned from this recent recession? I'm not suggesting that spending did or didn't reduce unemployment; I am asserting that we can't tell anything with any degree of certainty. The fundamental problem with acquiring certainty about Keynesian intervention is that anti-recessionary spending is just not very amenable to clean, compelling empirical evaluation. Recessions aren't that common, and there are too many moving parts. Times change, so it isn't obvious that the lessons of the 1930s - not that we can agree on those, either - are applicable today. There is no equivalent consensus about fighting unemployment and economic downturn. For decades, the economics profession had been moving away from Keynes, but when the recession hit, no one had much of a viable alternative to Keynesian countercyclical spending. We've had a $787b recovery act a great burst of Keynesian activity - and unemployment remains at 9.9% edward glaser, econ harvard // nyt 6.1.10 "what we don't know, and perhaps can't" we do know one job creation is tied to young, expanding firms, not mature ones, which are as likely to downsize as upsize. america @the top of the tech ladder needs hi-val exports [single highest value export? jetliners] increasingly tied to increasingly complex scientific and engr domains, both large and small. education lags @both ends of that scale. take the laser + 50yrs-->spaser. how can you understand how they work and how to build on top of them - whether photonic circuits or bioassays - w/o proficiency in nanoscale processes, mentally process surface resonance or sink in ignorance.


export controls ["2much code"]:: : code stub related to export of object definitions from linden labs second life-->opensim open source vr platform illustates the backend precision necessary to carry out in software even the most formulaic-seeming task vdemps project ucsd, 5.2010

zyllo resigns leadership; a.s.z links ["calibash"]:: :
WASHINGTON - Senator and former Omnicorp executive Alexander Zyllow of California resigned his position as the 2nd ranking Republican leader, succumbing to mounting pressure to reveal suspected ties with the doomsday cult Aleph Sen Zheng as anxiety ripples through the nation following the latest large scale disruption attributed to the religious group.

Republican officials said they were hopeful that Dr. Zyllo, considered a future star of the party and a potential presidential contender, would make amends in his home state and recoup some of his luster. But party officials were also wary of troubling signs that the issue would remain in the public realm for some time.

Dr. Zyllo did not respond to reporters' questioning but through a prepared statement said he was resigning from the policy committee to avoid exposing his family to the inevitable media circus expected to follow the allegations, and added "For the last time, there is no ASZ in California."


cats w/o choice ["cat languages"]:: : cat theory heavily depends on choice principles. [w/o axiom of choice in zermelo-frankel set theory] already the basic adjoint functor theorems fail dramatically: there exists a functor g:a-->b such that each b-object has a g-universal arrow, carried by a b-identity, but which has no coadjoint, not even a right-inverse disaster #4.50 from horst herrlich, "axiom of choice" 2006



noaa not knoaa ["where the #s come from?"]:: : If this outlook holds true, this season could be one of the more active on record jane lubchenco / dir noaa // wsj 5.28.10 "busy hurricane season seen for the atlantic" // / noaa's no nostradamus. credibility of forecasts-->similar2 oliver stone conspiracies: of 8 seasonal confidence intervals, only 2 covered outcomes. if it's fair 2flunk 25% in math 101, then these #s don't mean sht either. let's see replicable results, not dream interpretation as queequeg


inception reloaded ["calibash"]:: : company: preemptibhal films + formulah biz + helo studios: title: "inception reloaded: pyrates of the shuttered sands of time" synopsis: in a world where disneyfication and segregation drive kkkalifornia far more than tesla motors, a single idea within one's mind can be the most dangerous weapon, most valuable asset, &like lehman, no chance @redemption from derivative // the laws don't say 'starbucks can't open,' which would violate the constitution. what they say is that starbucks would have to create a unique coffee shop that wouldn't be recognized as starbucks. and, in general, this is a high enough hurdle to keep them out richard c. schragger / law faculty u virginia // nyt 6.9.10 "cape cod residents keep the chain stores out"

www: the well leaking nonsense ["iz it?"]:: : In the 'The Virtual Life of Film,' the film theorist D. N. Rodowick writes: 'While film disappears, cinema remains - at least in the narrative forms imagined by Hollywood since 1915.' At the same time, though, the disappearance of film has significance and, as he argues, 'has had profound aesthetic and historical consequences.' Using the philosopher Stanley Cavell's film book 'A World Viewed,' as one of his guides, Mr. Rodowick makes the case that, because film creates a physical copy of the world, it provides us with an image of a past world. What matters, finally, isn't the realness of that lost world (or 'space past'), its verisimilitude. Rather, Mr. Rodowick writes, it is 'a matter of metaphysical contact with the world from which we have become separated.' Digital, by contrast, just gives us data: ones and zeroes// . ..from some blog or other

drink in the hand = 2 in the bush ["iz it?"]:: : Mr. Bush also revealed the first line from his forthcoming memoir, which he said was, 'Can you tell me a day in which you have not had a drink?' His wife, Laura, asked the question over two decades ago; Bush eventually quit drinking 'cold turkey.' // nyt 6.x.10 "bush on wind, oil, and a happy retirement." q #2: can you tell me a day in which you did not bankrupt a firm or country" did something extraordinary emerge from quitting the drink? "w" was granted a seat on the board of private equity giant carlyle but was dismissed for "not adding value" = ie showing up @noon to tell jokes. maybe ethanol's not the problem // why have cultures around the world had a millennia-long love affair with wine? my short answer was that alcohol has been the universal drug, and hat wine provides the highest concentration of this simple organic compound available in nature. humans throughout history have been astounded by alcohol's effects, whether it is imbibed as a beverage or applied to the skin. the health benefits are obvious - alcohol relieves pain, stops infection, and seems to cure diseases. its psychological and social benefits are equally apparent. / patrick mcgovern // "uncorking the past" 2009


honesty v rigor ["most childs left behind"]:: : i won't go so far as 2say kyoke'i is dishonest - i'm sure he understands & applies the science as best he knows. unfortunately, aint enuff. inability to distinguish models from reality is a cardinal sin. thus, lets say lacking rigor, instead. w/o intellectual honesty, you can't have a culture that's willing to tolerate failure bc people cling too much to an idea that likely will be bad or isn't working, and they feel their reputation is tied up in it. they can't admit failure. you end up putting too much into a bad idea. and then you risk the entire enterprise jen-hsun huang / ceo nvidia // nyt 6.6.10 "i'm prepared for adversity. i waited tables"

- - -

6 months critical ["op django"]:: : from: dartley to: "skylab" content: the World is Hot, Flat and Crowded. Now, we have two options. We can choose the Lexus. Or we can choose the Olive Tree. The global dynamic can only be described as "Jihad vs. McWorld." These next six months will be critical in determining the outcome in the conflict. Meanwhile, we are harboring imperial ambitions while media conspires to manufacture consent. These truths may be inconvenient but they are, nonetheless. I would elaborate on these ideas but would not strike a black potential juror 4shucking &jiving// prior to his suspected abduction by the asz, dartley was a senior fellow @skg, combining his expertise in infrastructure security w a passion 4faulkner &autotune, best known to experts via insider reports such as: "penetrability of scada interfaces for cascade-based attacks on u.s. power grids." this, his last recoverable msg, was encoded with ev3y cryptosystems semantiflex beta



post-approval drug w/drawals ["d3a"]:: : what happened? didn't all these meds pass best practices, all criteria @fda? not so easy in high dimensions. the reality is that the unraveling of the safety profile of a drug is a continuous process that begins with the early drug development phases and lasts as long as the medicine is dispensed. as knowledge of a drug accumulates, so does the quantity of information on the product; however, the increasing data are of variable quality and completeness. m hauben a bate / "data mining in pharmacovigilance", 2010

functional principles of css zen ["b/w syntax & semantics"]:: : 1. information and presentation are distinct from one another, to the point that it canno be declared with any certainty that the nature of one depends upon the nature of the other. 2. it is axiomatic that the flow of informtion and therefore of web content is dictaed not by location but instead of relationships. 3. web content is divisible to degrees that are rarely apparent to the casual visitors. 4. every intersection of environment and information that might apply to a site begs its own ideal structure b henick / "html & css; the good parts", 2010


samba : black :: bossa : white artists ["tdtb: time dimension & time blindness"]:: : marcus here got it bkwd. cheese defined even in portuguese. me no say daddy snow stabbed mi down the lane. *



fun w bravias ["calibash"]:: : the flagship tv taking up back wall @sony store is flanked symmetrically by its lesser cousins. as i enter, chairs are occupied, all eyes on avatar, so myte as well see what's doing.. . but after 10 minutes my gaze drifts 2hi res seascapes, flowers & saturated plates of strawberries on the minor 1080s. pathetic, up close speckle dynamic trumping james cameron. // i vomit in the face of mainstream society, it seems all essence of creativity has been drained.. . finally / live poets, '97

curses of low dimensionality ["calibash"]:: : de'llyver & hwood share as much chemistry as depleted batteries. how did it unravel from auspicious beginnings. landing his ship, zoone grypp, now parked in silverlake reservoir shielded by those black omnicorp spheres, immediately lands coke commercial for the south american market. goya: en el todo del mundo como h2k. attributable to the dragon shirt? but soon after demand drops precipitously. did he shelf the dragon shirt or was he approached by asz operatives and warned of its properties? the asz have a philosophy - that's what makes them so dangerous, and why they might have risked exposure. others even implicate django. evidence remains circumstantial. in any case, bereft of the dragon shirt, de'llyver underwent drastic and disastrous state transitions: the whifro; hounding tourists handing out pamphlets from a segue; @1 pt there was the fedora thing. moving 3k miles w/o prospects? bc that's reliabhal, something 2bank on.. . the precise sequence or causal web of interactions is unavailable. still, no roles in front or behind a camera.


a star dies erry year ["war of limits & transients"]:: : not talking swayze, but the death rate among stars in our galaxy, some w a bang, others a whimper like ts eliot. the latter is the fate for our sun. the currently main sequence equilibrium is only meta, for fuel burned is nonrenewable. hydrogen exhausted, it will brighten & expand. whether the future red giant's mantle engulfs earth is a technical and moot issue: 4already by ~2x luminosity, oceans will have boiled, atmosphere evaporated beyond inconvenient truths. ultimately, having shed mass, an inert core persists as white dwarf, the size of earth but much denser, equilibrating gravity w degeneracy pressure courtesy of pauli exclusion. a reminder that nothing is @equilibrium until it's dead after death what you had becomes something else, a trident-->shiva, javelin-->kartikeya.

grasshopper fails non-eq systems ["the war of limits & transients"]:: : !@#% i listened 2u on shorting the $, and i am losing millions!.. . Hmm, you're right! As I was saying lately, Euros are looking better and better replies kyoke'i, completely missing the point that non-equilibrium processes have no reference fixpoint w respect 2which 1 can pretend there are springs and dampers that will reestablish a magic ratio. the cardinal sin that scientists of all ages but especially of a certain age committ, is to look @complex systems through the lens of the tools they learned in school. there are no clockworks or pendulums, your money's no good here. the limitation was already known to newton, who marveled at his mechanics's ability to predict the motion of the moon, but not that of markets. and he lost a fortune in the markets. for the relevant time horizons, the moon is in equilibrium; markets are far from it. the moon interacts only w gravity's potential field. markets, including forex markets of course, are by contrast externally driven systems. these influences that percolate incessantly from the bottom up, make markets more akin to seismic activity than pendulums = unpredictable. who knows what the euro will be next month, six months from now or a year from now?/ gary locke u.s. sec commerce nyt 5.17.10 "europe's debt crisis is casting shadow over china"

cork stochastics ["war of limits & transients"]:: : i'm petitioning landord 2strip berber that looks like nothing more than upchuck solidified; cork flooring quoted, i'd exchange 4 $50 rent up. i'd rather live on gravel @least wouldn't have to take shoes off. what's the probability he'll agree? a priori is b/w 0 and 1. but that's about all. the entire interval [0,1] is the only acceptable answer; no nontrivial symmetries --> irreducible uncertainty.

of trumps &bonhams ["arbitrary nature of things"]:: : trump inherited the family firm. his father asked why build expensive glass in manhattan over lo-cost brick in bk. donald replied that he pushed the lux market envelope & higher margins. leaving aside trump vodka &ivanka, jason bonham also inherited the gig. but he hits the same clear drumkit and named his tour, get this, "jason bonham's led zeppelin experience." innovative. cheers 4nepotism.


what if ["arbitrary nature of things"]:: : kyoke'i asked: Suppose seafaring Incas had come to conquer and destroy Europe during its Dark age?.. . if my sister had balls she'd be my brother. there's no rewinding the tape of time. this is the essence of gell-mann's "frozen accidents", or pindar's lines: of things consummated, whether just or unjust, not even time the father of all can make the end undone.

we were promised jetpacks ["calibash"]:: : doobai - formerly zyllo - has a vision: 2build up the core of los angeles w 8-story residential bldgs similar 2-paris. it begins w his observation that kkkali southerns, like parisians, underutilize road &car stall infrastructure. increasing proportion of tax revenue-->srvc interest on debt that could knock out rail subsidies? not my problem. we're building up momentum replies doobai, allrite, back of envelope: 20 blocks x 8 floors/bldg x 5 units/floor x 2 ppl/unit x 1 bmw/person.. . as red army encroached, hitler's in his bunker poring over hesse's tabletop modell der neugestaltung berlins. 4a while, germania had been bld'ing up momentum. vision meets revision.

99% of films
are part of the
entertainment business
even so-called independent film
is still a business. most films screened
@sundance are simply a poor man's hollywood film
same formula, same structure, same mechanics
a man looking for a woman on a road
trip across the u.s. the strk?
a minimalist piano piece
carlos reygadas
/ bomb #11

sharks been jumped ["calibash"]:: : 4u 2match director w last worthwhile flick directed. recently, scripts more starched than an evening @sunnyland w the reagans &the deavers: -kubrik -lynch -lucas -stone -spielberg -soderberg -coppola -scorzese -cameron -mann -jarmush -ridley scott -cronenberg; +thx 1138 +full metal jacket +manhunter +sex lies +wall st +rumblefish +crash +raiders of lost ark +bladerunner +mulholland dr +none +goodfellas +down by law // harrison ford and brendan frazer make unlikely partners in search of a cure as their alliance eventually develops into mutual respect in the new vehicle by phalm films, a unit of omnicorp. kkkali south, atrophy of the soul.

operation django ["grass always greener"]:: : aloha kaua dartley, pehea 'oe. we look forward to your imminent landing. we have everything here: pigs, bananas.. . e 'olu'olu 'oe turn down your autotune so as 2not disturb volcanic spirits. he aha kou mana'o? -- "kamehameha". That's actually one good thing about hawaii, wouldn't have to give up pulled pork dishes. You can actually rent a condo/hotel room for $1,000/mo one block from waikiki. Pretty insane. I looked into doing the exact opposite--moving to a shithole w/ cheap housing (Omaha, Pueblo, Wichita), but it turns out that you're not really getting more house for your money, there are just more shitty little ranches available near the downtown areas than you might normally find -- dartley // outstanding. your handler on the islands: "st germaine" who comes to us by way of helo. don't let the name confound you: it is but a shell for omnicorp. his expertise is in over-the-horizon radar. but that need not concern you other than metaphorically. your sphere of ops will be quite different. we need your understanding of blood-brain-barrier transport. welcome aboard ne555-django. until your rendezvous, be sure 2roll a torpedo w willie, woody & owen wilson -- "kamehameha"



villaraigosa asterixes ["calibash"]:: : Three decades is a long time to wait for a train. So Los Angeles is asking the federal government for help in borrowing $9 billion to speed construction of 12 new mass-transit rail lines. Los Angeles basically wants the federal government to help the city get the money up front, either through guaranteeing bank loans, helping to pay interest on bonds, lending the money to the city itself, or some combination of those moves. The city can't issue bonds on its own to fund the project, officials say, because it can't guarantee lenders the amount of revenue that the sales tax will generate. Los Angeles officials say getting the project done sooner rather than later would create 165,000 construction jobs over 10 years, rather than spreading the employment gain out over 30 years. online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704655004575114020405190294.html after planting 1m trees and greening the los angeles "river" villaraigosa aka napoleon west is considering a great wall of kkkalifornia south as insulation from fiscal reality. lets locate it in fantasyland.. . wsj's long meaningless urls, similar 2david lynch digital.


in his commercials
reagan used the smooth
teleprompter-perfect tones of the
tv auto-salesman to project a political
message that was absolutely the reverse of
bland & reassuring, a complete discontinuity
existed between reagan's manner & body language
on the one hand, and his scarily simplistic
far-right message on the other
-- jg ballard "why i want to fk
ronald reagan" 1968


gipper grip ["sequel potential"]:: : 29 years ago, I was Reagan's national security adviser, after having been his chief foreign policy adviser. The Sunday afternoon after Israel's controversial attack on Hussein's Osirak reactor, I was on my back porch in Arlington wading through a small mountain of perpetually mounting paperwork. The duty officer was requesting that I go to the special secure line, kept in a safe in my basement. I opened the safe, inserted the current secure chip and connected to the comm center. Israeli warplanes were returning from their mission, and were by then over Saudi airspace. I asked to be put through to Reagan. Within seconds, an officer at Camp David said "Sorry, sir, he is just boarding the chopper here." I suggested if he wasn't immediately brought to the phone there would be consequences. In two minutes, Reagan was on the line, irritation in his voice. "Yes, Dick, what is it?" I quickly recited what happened. He went silent, and the phone line again filled with the churning of the copter. With characteristic aplomb,he suddenly asked: "Well, you know what?" I said, "What, Mr. President?" His retort: "Boys will be boys"-- richard v allen, nyt 6.7.10 "reagan's secure line" // When I was ten I used to buy liquor wid no I.D / Thinkin' back subliminally the store clerk was tryna kill me / I was born in Puerto Rico raised in Brooklyn graz-ing / Forced to be a man before even men became men / Welfare and food stamps poor shit it made me sick / Watchin' dealers all I stood makin' loot holdin' they dick / I hated Eddie Murphy used to wish that he would quit it / All that you ain't got no ice cream shit son, I lived it -- non phixion "refuse to lose", 1998 )))



magic 8balls + h2k worries ["bw syntax & semantics"]:: : ah the nomenclature 4the materially misleading - but legal - maneuvering. "hudson castle" "fenway".. . no magic 8ball or prophecy analytics? mo-fo global, challenge investors' willing suspension of disbelief. // / also, worried about h2000's stewardship at omnicorp. lately he's been acting shady, shifty, sketchy, scheme-y, skivy.. . silly. when he landed in hwd years ago he said he belongs. so what's the prob. accelerate decision making and adopt a new strategic focus.


w the 1st 1/10th of 21st century a wrap
leading figgas from the decade / xxl
. .
10. fabolous > 2001
9. game* > 2003
8. jim jones* > 2004
7. soulja boy > 2007
6. jeezy* > 2005
5. t.i > 2001
4. luda > 2000
3. nelly > 2000
2. kanye* > 2005
1. 50 cent** > 2003
**18m recs 4x solo + 2x g-unit + 1x strk
*disagree on merit // / a@u*
. .
+ gucci mane - atl mixtape underground
+ 2005 gucci releases "trap house" cd
+ gucci + jeezy "icy" --> feud over credits
+ gucci wears "so icey" chain
+ jeez puts bounty on it on diss track "stay strapped"
+ gucci responds w "round one" &c
+ 5.10.05 decatur, ga 5 men invade the house
of a friend of gucci's while he's visiting
armed w guns, brass knuckles, tape
+ gucci fires a few rounds, escapes
+3days: henry lee clark iii
associate of jeezy's
found dead
+ gucci arrested
released on $100k bail
+2mos, rearrested after beating
club promoter w pool stick
+ denied bond
--> locked
+ pleads
no contest to
assault; 6mo's comm.
srvc - murder charges dropped
+2006 "hard to kill" cd
so icey ent. signs w asylum
"back to traphouse"
"freaky gurl rmx"
w luda, lil kim
+9.12.08 gucci
sentenced to 1yr for
only completing 25hrs
out of 600 of comm srvc
+released on probation in march
gucci floods streets+internet w songs
videos, collabos, oj juiceman, nicki
minaj; forms 1017 recs
. .
situation w
me and homie
that just happened
i definitely didn't expect
that it would work out like
that when we first got in the studio
and i don't think he did either. so it's like
we can keep that going on forever or we can agree
to disagree and push on regardless of whether anybody
disses me or doesn't like me. that doesn't make me dislike them
instead, they don't like me.. when i think about being hood, i think about
being resourceful. it's like taking something, and making it into more than what
it is. like your mother taking scraps and making xgiving dinner out of that
when you all did have nothing.
that's how i feel when i do my music
if you say "i don't like 50 cent b/c i like rick ross", that's just a
lame-ass stance to take. be your own man & own how you
feel. even w me, ppl say 'well, gucci, i don't fuck w jeezy
you know what i'm saying, i fuck w you' and that will
make me close the door on them so quick 'cause
'cause you don't like him you fuck w me? that
shows me that you're not your own man. to
spite him. that's lame. i felt like, even w jay z
a lot of times, was the type of situation he was
making 'well i like jeezy so i don't like gucci mane'
it kind of made me look @him different. you can sell
more cd's than everybody, you can be more acclaimed
than everybody, you can be more wealthy, that's something
that can be researched and be found to be true, but to say
'i'm the most swagged-out rapper' what the fuck you
mean? who told you that? who told you that!
you go out in e. atlanta and they're not
playing [jay z's music]
that i can do to help me as an
artist when i get out i'm
going to do. i'm not
mad @all i'll be
back again
xxl 3.2010
. .
hood boss > how i rock >> youtube.com/watch?v=0hMnuXxogFM
b.o.b > heavy breather >> youtube.com/watch?v=1jNYpWytM-w
wes fif > i'm telling ya >> youtube.com/watch?v=yFSi_zvZWxk
big gee > ima rider >> youtube.com/watch?v=kj_42XgGQWk
bg > triggaman >> youtube.com/watch?v=c6RDeHmDxUc
sauce > pop & roll >> youtube.com/watch?v=G9Ibu7ahx2E
dsr > man hold up >> youtube.com/watch?v=VTgUXXuI3R8
d keezy > outta space >> youtube.com/watch?v=-rQVnTs2FyI
yung daze > get loose w it >> youtube.com/watch?v=YcwoPeI6fio
jody breeze > we got it >> youtube.com/watch?v=mipWY7g7mco
trap komittee > ms thang >> youtube.com/watch?v=qYApznLB0Ts
pop it off boyz > get like me >> youtube.com/watch?v=scyBOxZ98LE
flexx > eastside get 100 stacks >> youtube.com/watch?v=IXeKB5UvxI4
c-loc + boosie > what must i say >> youtube.com/watch?v=Ht6a4XPTpLE
lil jon+bohagon > drop them boes >> youtube.com/watch?v=V8T1KSMn4VI
streets + young dueces > cop a squat >> youtube.com/watch?v=dPmtA-M_Oc4
slowmotion soundz > starshipz & rocketz >> youtube.com/watch?v=gOWfFyiKK_4



0, 1, x, y as spaces ["topologize everything"]:: : topology is the study of infinite closeness w/o distance arhangel'skii the symbols 0, 1, x, y as topological spaces, idealized as san serif 1-d curves w/o thickness in the plane, follow: 0 is isomorphic to the 1-sphere s^1, ie the circle. 1 is isomorphic to the unit interval [0,1]. 0 and 1 are manifolds [ie, locally look like euclidean space. s^1 looks locally like 1]. x and y fail to be manifolds by 1 point each. they're branched manifolds, star spaces. y and x have 3 and 4 branches respectively with rays emanating from their respective center point where branches join. an arrow y--->x (or x--->y) that needs to preserve this pointed structure is coerced to map the center point of x to that of y or vice versa. ignoring the plane, the sheet of paper on which 0 is written, 0 has no boundary. in contrast, the boundary of 1 aka [0,1] consists of 2 disconnected pieces: its top and bottom extreme points [say, 1 and 0]. arrows 1-->0 join [identify, or better, delete] the boundary of 1, killing 2 birds w 1 stone. the boundaries of x and y are its 4 and 3 extreme pts, respectively. it isn't just x and y that can symbolize variables. so too 0 can represent a cat's initials object, and 1 its final object.. . finally, to form a mathematical knot, 0 is suitable. to showcase the limitation of linear thinking, knots cannot be distinguished by the 1-cat top, whose objects are topological spaces and arrows are homeomorphisms. it's necessary to consider the ambient topologies and the 2nd order notion of homotopy. this is b/c the folk explanation of topological maps is deficient: spaces are in fact allowed to be cut or torn, as long as the original neighborhoods are glued back together - but this can happen in different ways corresponding to different knots